Coffee w/God: Excerpts from Day 8: Magnolia Tree


Longevity and perseverance

Dignity and nobility

Power and pride

Strength of character




Good Luck or Blessed


The Steele Magnolia tree of the South Americas is associated with Mary Magdeline who was a FAITHFUL disciple of Jesus Christ. She displayed peerless strength during times of struggle.

When I sat in mediation during my coffee time with God I head, “You are a magnolia tree.” So, I looked it up and was surprised to read those things it’s associated with. Then I was surprised that God would, or Spirit compliment me and tell me who I am. We are not use to receiving compliments by God. It’s a weird thing, huh? It is until you read the Bible and realize God has been complimenting you in so many ways. We can say God builds us up through his Word or teachings and that’s sits well with us.

But when the Creator sends others to compliment your character or diligence or accomplishments, we don’t know how to receive it sometimes. We throw it back on the religious teachings, “Well, it was all God.” It was but, it was you, too. You had to be obedient. You have to be willing. You use your personality and character and your individuality in getting it done.

I needed to re-read this today after the post I made Sunday. I also needed Wednesday’s reminder.


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