The Shrug to a Culture of Violence


Violence has always been here and it’s not going anywhere. Therefore…oh well. Let’s not do anything to try to curb it. Stop it. Prevent it. Since you can’t stop it ALL let’s not worry about the increasing culture of violence. Since it’s not happening in my neighborhood or city or country…not my problem. “I am not one of the violent ones. I was raised better. I would never do a thing like that.”

Some are neutral because they don’t care. Some are neutral because it hasn’t hit home and I hope it never does for them. Some are neutral because they have become callous to violence being blasted on the news or in the neighborhood.

It you could stop 10 out of 100 crimes it’s better than 0 of 100. If you can change the chances of something happening then that is better than doing nothing. Rarely are laws and solutions 100 proof, but that does not mean we don’t need them nor search for solutions or improvements. Locks on doors don’t stop thieves, yet we still prefer them. I say do all you can on every level. Even the small things matter.



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