Normalizing Hate. NEVER.


There is no way you will get me to be okay with the things that proceeded out of the mouth of a person that has been consistent in hate, racism, prejudices, misogynistic views, sexism, gender bashing, and basically will flip flop before the dime even drops to get to where they need to be. Nor will I normalize the surrounding of this person by hate groups, white supremacist groups, and white nationalists (basically the same thing). You cannot say “Oh, they mailed Christmas cards to everyone. Just ignore the lifelong, deep rooted, systematic, well thought out plans, actions, and support of evil.” You cannot ignore the several pink elephants in the room bleeding from the wound of hate and evil that reside in the hearts and DNA of people like this. I am not sorry that I will not put a halo over a defiled being, institution, and establishment and call it blessed. No, it is cursed.



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