RA:What Happened in Vegas Came Home


It was a warm and sunny Vegas evening, the evening of our last Vegas night. My family was going to walk to TGIFriday’s on the strip and I decided to go but, my feet were incredibly sore and swollen. I pressed on then opted to go back to the hotel room to rest for one last all nighter. I took a hot shower and propped my feet up in the bed. Maybe an hour after watching TV, I threw the covers off and to my shock my the swelling had moved up to my knees!

Emergency Room. Wheel chairs in the airport. I did get bumped up to first class! Landed in Memphis and straight to the hospital per Vegas ER doctor.

A year and a half of hell, hell was diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I got the diagnosis, it all came back to me…the swelling of my right foot, months before Vegas I woke up in excruciating pain. All of my bones were hurting and it seemed like my body was on fire. I went to a clinic and the doctor gave me a steroid shot. I was fine until Vegas. I was misdiagnosed and I had a young doctor who thought she knew everything. Very arrogant. I had no insurance at the time and was at a church health center. I insisted on another blood test and another specialists…after we had a few words. I’d had enough of her God complex. When the blood test went to the RA specialist and the RA doc finished the test, she was able to tell me I had RA and later fibromyalgia. She said my blood work was so close to lupus but given my past history of Juvenile Arthritis (in the 4th grade until the 8th grade then it “went away” but I found it went into remission and viola! you have RA), she determined it to be RA.

This was my start…






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