Guns and Roses


Choosing Between Equality and Being Treated Like a Lady

If you’ve been following my blog you may have an idea of my personality and thoughts on certain subjects. So, it should be no surprise when I type the next sentence. I don’t have to choose between wanting equality and being treated like a lady. A man doesn’t have to choose between his pay and having his ego stroked or his role as a man in society, relationships, etc respected. I do not understand men who can’t understand or rather, choose not to understand this. And let me go on record saying I am not that extreme when it comes to equality of the sexes. I don’t think a woman has to knock or kick down the door of every boys only clubs. Why? Because I don’t want men to kick down my girls only clubs. It’s okay to be excluded sometimes. It doesn’t mean I am not equal it just means  my presence is not wanted or needed. We don’t have to be included in every thing or at least, I don’t.

While I don’t consider myself  extremely feminine , I still want to be treated like the lady I am. I fall somewhere between “Oh my gosh kill that bug!!!!!” and “Do you need help getting the alternator out of your car?”  I played with Barbie dolls and was the back up quarter back from time to time when we played football in the yard and the streets. Yes I want equal pay. Yes I want equal opportunities. Yes I want my ideas to be equally listened to and my education and experience to be equally valued.  Yes I want you to still be a gentleman.

By the way: I am totally supportive of any role a woman chooses. We don’t have to be either or. It’s fine to be a mixture of both.




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