When a King/President is a Child


Children run off their emotions and their cognitive levels have to be developed. Well, just imagine your President is an adult child who runs off their emotions, bases who they like on who likes them or who lets them play with their toys? Imagine a President that likes people based on where they are from or if they look like them. A President that will treat you fairly only if you agree to their religion, their agenda, their ideas. A President that doesn’t want girls in leadership positions because well, they are girls and what do girls know? If you make children angry they may knock the entire tower of blocks down. They storm out of family meetings and slam their doors. Locking themselves in the room refusing to come out until they are hungry or have to use the bathroom or govern. Some children love to blow things up. They fantasize about it as they play with their makeshift tanks and stick rifles. Imagine if they get a chance to make it happen for real with their level of reasoning.

They give others the silent treatment. Sometimes children have these false fears of others they don’t understand or things they don’t understand. They sort of let their imaginations take over living in a word created in their mind. “They world would be perfect if we didn’t have Blue Birds because Blue Birds give me the creeps. I don’t like their bird song so I think, as president, I will ban all Blue Birds and build a net to cover the entire country so no Blue Birds can get in and…the Blue Birds that are here must go home.

You know you always have the child that pinches off their cake and gives it to you as if it’s sufficient of sharing. They don’t understand what they give you are crumbs in comparison to what they have but, they are so happy “sharing.”

Oh yeah, don’t forget children love to name call: Doodie head, block head, idiot, dummy, liar liar pants of fire!, etc. when they get upset or have a disagreement with their peers. Kids fire, well “unfriend” others when others do something they don’t like or don’t support their shenanigans/agendas.

Children are usually right in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. Some things only make sense to them and their friends, whom are children too. They usually “feast” in the morning. In other words, they have no concept of right time for the right things. Would you like birthday cake and punch for breakfast? Sure says the child. “Let’s eat it all!” and they wonder what to do once all is gone. They celebrate victories way too early. You know the child that throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store because their Mom doesn’t approve of buying cupcakes and doughnuts but, the child wants them both. Oh, the child doesn’t know what’s best for him or her. They certainly, don’t know what’s best for others.

Yeah, I’d hate to think of some big kid running the country. Just because they are smart enough to run a lemonade stand, doesn’t mean I want them running the country. Contrary to popular belief, and from observing/reading it takes more than business savvy to govern PEOPLE. I thought we learned that PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERTIES.


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