soul Scattered



Soul Scattered ©2016 by Nikki aka F.Y.E

When the soul breaks it shatters into infinite pieces

You see the heart can be mended but the soul has to me recreated

I felt the burdens weigh me down

I saw the tears form an ocean on the ground

More on me than I could bare

And now I am broken.

Hopeless never was my destination

Yet it pulled on my mind like a magnet

I wonder why I was made like this

In a world of oxygen I still find myself breathless

I’d cry if it didn’t make me look as weak as I feel

I’d tell you all about it but my sadness will make you ill


I hold on. They tell me I will survive

I search endlessly for a way to thrive

My heart is unearthed

While waiting on my soul to be re-birthed




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