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I’m more attracted to spirituality. It’s quiet. It’s not alot of pressure to do EVERYTHING RIGHT OR LOTS OF RULES AND REGULATIONS OR RITUALS. It’s more self reflective than finding the short comings and faults of others. Less positions and more elevation. Less judgement and more understanding.

In spirituality you’re learning, growing, evolving. You understand you don’t have to convince anyone that you’re a light. You don’t have to convince them to become a light. You just shine. If they say I’m a candle or fire or the sun or the moon or stars you say okay. Cool.

Spirituality asks it doesn’t demand, command, threaten or use any scare tactics. All of those things to me, are so unspiritual. So ungodly. It doesn’t say think like me, believe like me, do like me…me me me… I’d rather just be be be in the presence of God, the Divine Creator of the Universe.



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