Creating Balance and Grounding


In the last three days I have seen the ugly in radicalism as it relates to a few people whom are on the extreme end of religion and those who are on the extreme end of the “conscious” sector. It really disturbed my spirit. It literally made me nauseous. The ugly display of ego/flesh like a buffet of rotted meat. It’s such a turn off: insults, the attitude, the disrespect and dishonor of others beliefs. There are so many wise sayings and scriptures as it relates to knowledge puffing you up. It is obvious they take no interests in moving beyond facts and subjective truth into love and freedom. If you don’t have that then what are we talking about anyway? It’s perfectly fine if they want to stay there but, I don’t want to be in the same space with them if I don’t have to be.

So, being surrounded and pulled into this type of chaos, I asked God, what are you saying to me? What is it that you want me to get from this? I  know not to be like this but, what is it? Do I need to learn MORE tolerance? Do I need to remove myself? Stay? Go? What? Why am I seeing this? Why is it attaching itself to me?

I was getting ready to pray when I saw this photo above, and I read this which was beneath it:

Kashyapa Mudra – mudra for balance and protection against negative energies Kashyapa Mudra symbolizes tortoise, union of masculine and feminine and Sage Kashyapa (Hindu mythology). Like tortoise it creates a seal against negative energies. Use it when you find yourself in conflict situation or when among the group of negative people. You can hold this mudra when visiting places having dark past. Like union of masculine and feminine, this mudra helps in creating balance and grounding

Nikki, you need to create balance and grounding. I am a sensitive soul. It is a gift (I had to learn that too after many tried to tell me it was a negative thing and I also had to learn how to protect it and utilize it). I need to create balance and grounding when negative energies are circulating in the atmosphere in relation to beliefs. I will work on that. I will do just that. I am sure the Divine is ready to teach me because I am ready to learn. When the student is ready…

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