Mood: Nam myoho renge kyo: To connect to the Universe, to bring empowerment. Yesterday the universe orchestrated my vibrations and brought forth a very negative situation. I am glad that it happened so that I can learn a very prominent lesson for this year as it is my goal, my soul’s goal to be liberated and I guess that means liberated from everything that holds me back, from everything that causes me not to be in alignment with my destiny and from everything that hinders me and my soul’s evolution. This is my year of liberation and a year of legendary moves and growth. So many lessons from yesterday for this journey. Sometimes peeling back that final layer hurts, but helps us to leap into another level.


Oh. If You Could Only Understand Me.

Seek ye FIRST to understand AND THEN, to be understood. -Steven Covey


I had an awesome morning and just as awesome as my morning to mid day was, my evening fell apart emotionally and mentally. I missed all the big signs from the Universe, God, that led to a big blow up and verbal altercation. Immediately after words of war were exchanged, I knew I was not angry about what was happening at that moment I was angry about several things that had NOTHING to do with the current situation. I also knew intuitively, the other person was having a bad day. Needless to say, when I made it home I was fighting all sorts of emotions, curse words, and even threw my purse! (Whoa!). I don’t like to get upset because it takes me a long time to calm down. I am more upset at myself in situations like this because I pride myself of self control and then I realized…just now, as I type, that self control is a PRACTICE. Practice makes mature and you have less of these experiences, BUT you are not exempt from emotional outbursts. At least, I am not. I may never completely be able to never have a “moment”, as you see I am not striving for perfection or denial of any emotions. I am only striving to be the best me, not the perfect me. However, what happened today cannot happen again…EVER.

Here is an article that I wanted to share for those who are empaths or those who are interested in knowing what one is. I could relate to all but number 6. I just want to add this is probably one reason why it takes me so long to rid myself of the impact of negative energy or too many energies. I have to forgive myself for to day and let the energies of the day seep out like a deflating balloon.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musing: Building Inner Strength

What good is learning a lesson from life and you decide not to apply it to your life? Well, that’s like knowing touching a hot stove will burn your hand and the opportunity presents itself the next morning when you turn on the stove to place your hand on it. It’s not wisdom. What you have is knowledge and how you convert knowledge to wisdom is by applying it to your life. On the outside many are strong by appearance, but when the shades go down in their home, they are weak on the inside. A person with great physical strength, muscles, and who is lean, looks like they take care of there body, but if they are hitting the gym and then hitting the bottle or fast food joints well the inside is still weak. It’s funny how the mind can be strong enough to subject itself to physical strength and not enough for the person to eat well. Actually, it’s just an area they are weak in and it needs to be strengthen by right action, choices,  and discipline. The mind will do what your spirit tells it to do, if YOU decide to do it. It’s true the spirit is willing, but the flesh, not so much. -The Bible.

If you are going to build your inner strength it is going to take discipline. It’s going to take depositing spiritual things into your spirit and applying them to life. It takes thinking back onto what happened the last time you did that, said that, and how it affected you and others. It takes caring about the outcome of your actions. You’re going to have to go through training. Don’t you worry, life has been training you all along by presenting the same obstacle courses over and over. You don’t necessary receive a grade if you fail, you receive the consequences and the opportunity to try it again or improve. Even if you pass, you may encounter the same situations again. This perfects and matures you spiritually.

So, if you want to build inner strength take heed to the lessons life has/is teaching you. Let wisdom manifest in your life by applying what you know. If you don’t know, there are so many avenues available to learning. Do you want to learn? Someone has written a book about it. Someone is teaching and preaching about it. Someone is having a seminar or lecturing about it. Eat up, digest, manifest. Practice the art of no and yes. No to what you don’t want and yes to what is right for you.


“You convert knowledge to wisdom by applying what you know to your life and life situations.” -Nicole Jackson

Finding Power While In Poverty


There is a stigma in America that those who are impoverished are people who never had any dreams and aspirations. They assume those who use an EBT card never worked or don’t work. They assume all of the impoverished people are lazy. They never stop to think many are elderly people who have worked their entire lives. There are those that are having hard times for whatever reason and are working towards coming out of their situation. There are veterans and the disabled. Yet, many enjoy making assumptions as if they are facts and they love to insult those who are in holes so deep they have given up.

I can tell you one thing, giving people HOPE and INSTRUCTIONS goes further than stereotyping and bashing. Using your “spirituality” and looking beyond their situation, giving them a hand up and a hand out (because sometimes you have to feed people so they can hear your message and instructions). Believe it or not, inspiration works better than insults.

I’m currently living on the verge of poverty. If I did not have a relationship with God, a connection to a place (church) where I can fuel up, the love of reading, and the gift of being inspirational to others, I too would drown in my sorrows, my mistakes, my illness, my misfortunes. If I did not have others that speak into my life and if I didn’t have parents that are able to help me as I rise out of the pit. You find power in the midst of poverty by GUARDING YOUR MIND and your HEART. You find power by being thankful and grateful for what you do have. You find power by creating a plan to get out of the situation. You create in you a will to not just survive day by day but you put into action a plan to thrive. You don’t let the insults keep you down. You don’t let the stereotypes keep you in shame and angry. These things will keep you hopeless. This is why I believe you have to surround yourself with people that are inspiring and disconnect from the ones that are not . You have to purchase books and watch programs that motivate you, that change your emotions and thoughts. It may be a long time coming, but with these things in place you can make it. You may have to wait until the baby is older, but in the meantime you can better yourself spiritually and mentally. You can choose better relationships. You can save. You can search for a better job, create a side hustle, work on your credit. In other words, you can prepare yourself for better days. Because IF YOU WANT THEM, better days are created by you and what you do NOW and NEXT! Be patient with yourself and keep moving forward.


How I Feel About Turning 42. It’s my Birthday!


When I think of the number 42 I think of Jackie Robinson. Iconic. Breaking barriers. Bold. Brave. Outspoken. Skilled. Hard-working. And last but not least…legendary. 42 is a good number. It’s the number of a legend. In the spiritual realm it’s about pursuing your passions and life purpose, doing the things you love and putting your heart and soul in them as angels readily assist. I want to make it legendary. And in the words of Jackie Robinson “A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.” You see, most of all I want it to impact the lives of others in the most positive, inspiring, and mind shifting way. It is going to require discipline, bravery, skills, dedicated hard work, the breaking of barriers, boldness, and to be outspoken when necessary. My # last year was #40and1, but now it shall be #42Legendary. Today is my birthday! Hello 42!


The Power of Introspection


The Power of Introspection: You’re less likely to criticize where others are in their journey. Besides, correction to those you are lead to is a far more powerful tool than criticism.-Nicole Jackson (keywords “lead to”)