Natural Hair:Faux Locs & Makeup


Here is a recent picture of my faux locs and my makeup. I wore them like this for New Year’s Eve to a party. This has been my favorite protective style and I have had the most fun with it. The makeup is an Almay i-Color Combination for green eyes! When I saw it I thought forget it!  I love those colors and it would do just fine for my brown eyes. Sure enough it did! I am not a makeup professional and barely an amateur. However, I try new things, I take my time, I YouTube and Google and play with my makeup. I like to look fabulous and as quick as possible. Please and Thank You. I used a primer and moisturizer on my face which I discovered by accident gives me a natural glow (see how much I know! LOL). On this particular night I did not use any foundation or bronzer/powder. I do not care for foundation and use it sparingly. I always had a problem with eyeliner staying on and then I discovered gel liner. Liquid liner did not work for me either. Thank you makeup gods! (Makeup remover is great, but I take a Q tip and vaseline to remove eyeliner and mascara (Kleenex or towel)). Oh and the lipstick is some glitter lipstick I should have thrown away years ago! (Honestly). I religiously live by the rules I was taught in my one year modeling school stint…take your makeup off before you go to bed!

Here is the Almay and it was on clearance at Target:



Below I shared a picture of the faux locs when I first got them (no make up).


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