Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Fueled By EGO


There is nothing more humbling than sitting in front of a large body of water. It truly puts you into perspective as to where you stand in relation to the Earth you live in and the sandy beaches you walk upon.

Recently, I was at a religious event and I could hardly stomach what was before me. Literally, my spirit was vexed to the point it was causing me to be physically disturbed. It was ego  in it’s purest form. I managed to stay until EGO sat down. Boy was I glad when “that” was over. The rest of the event was wonderful as graceful and powerful souls graced the podium.

Well, I pondered about that EGO as it seemed to do more of feeding it’s own flesh than souls and perhaps, even feeding the flesh of others…more flesh. Here is what was given to me by the Divine:

Some PASTOR (PREACH AND TEACH) for POWER and POSITION. Others PASTOR (PREACH AND TEACH) because they were called and anointed to do so. They PASTOR WITH ANOINTED AND APPOINTED PURPOSE. -Nicole Jackson

It doesn’t matter much how long you have been “in” the ministry if God is not operating “in” you. It’s either God or Ego and we shall know EGO by what proceeds out of your mouth and what is done in your flesh. -Nicole Jackson


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Fueled By EGO

  1. Nikki, I get to preach at my church this coming Sunday. Since I do not get paid, I was about number 4 on the list of those asked and it is a holiday weekend, I am still trying to figure out why I am doing it. But no it is not EGO. I think number 4 took care of that one. LOL

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