Independence Day Conflict for the African American

Teenage African American teenager flying an American flag at beach

Teenage African American teenager flying an American flag at beach

Do I celebrate America’s Independence or do I celebrate Juneteenth only? Can I celebrate both? If I raise my American Flag, knowing people were not free then, am I considered a traitor to them? Or worse, am I considered to be ignorant of history because I celebrate the  4th of July ? Or do I exercise my right, my freedom to celebrate whatever I want to, for whatever reason I choose? After all, is it not my right? To wave a flag when many have to very what type of American they are when some are just automatically considered American…only in America but, abroad…your just American if you come from America.

I do often ponder at the minds of a people who could celebrate their freedom in the face of those a few feet away from them enslaved. I do often think, what the hell was wrong with your mind to see a baby, possible yours, born and not think, “Damn, this is wrong. These are human beings and I should be sent to a burning hell in my conscious and literally, to want freedom only for my self and not for others. These are people. Not property.” I often think, what kind of evil is that?!!!! A frightening evil that still frightens me  today when I see the mistreatment of immigrants, discrimination, blatant racism, ridiculous prejudices, the shouts to go back to where you came from as if they came from here??? I often think, what’s wrong with your sick mind? And it dawns on me yes, Nikki, their minds were sick. Hatred for another human being in your HEART has consumed your entire body through the blood that pumps through your veins and is now passed down to your generation in their DNA to think the same way. The conscious has been seared with a hot iron-The Bible. I take a deep breath and nevertheless…

I could look at the 4th of July through the lens of history or through rose colored glasses. I choose to look at it as a day of independence that was the catalyst for the freedom and rights of all of us in this country. We all have found the basis for our rights and freedom in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and Civil Rights. What was written for a few is written for all. -Nicole Jackson 7/4/2014



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