Shared Journeys: Panama


Do you remember that time WE…and this is what makes shared journeys a lifetime memory. You never forget WHO you were with and what you did. You never forget the adventures you shared that you shared with others and the adventures you all keep a secret!!!

My first time getting my passport stamped with friends was when we traveled to the country Panama. It was exciting. The resort was amazing sitting on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Waking up to catch photos of magnificent sunrises, spending the nightfall on the patio listening to jazz as the moon played the waves like an instrument, then falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the oceans after dancing the night away.


Our shared journey was made easy because the itinerary was created where everyone had an input as to what they wanted to do and we were all open to try or we had the option to sit it out and enjoy the resort activities. Even in the shared journey you had time alone. There was no pressure. I got up early to take photos and so did one of my friends, then I would go back to my suite and get ready to share a cup of coffee with my suite mate. And then the day would unfold.


Cruising the Panama Canal in a motor  boat made by the man steering it! Feeding monkeys on Monkey Island on the Panama Canal and learning things about the Canal you are not taught in school. Educational. I love to learn.


Meeting locals who live on an island in the Canal. These two girls were adorable. They travel to the main land by boat to go to the school.

Walking the streets with friends where guards are not allowed to smile on duty. Learning the history, culture, and the architecture is something we did together. Oh and trying Geisha Coffee for the first time. P.S. I love history.

Winding our way to the harbor and the fish market. Eating ceviche for the first time! A beer tasting was certainly in order.

Rooftop relaxations and libations. Toasting to the good life and Panama nights!

Shared journeys are a blessing.


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