Day 6 of Day 12 of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

Travel Journal
  • Notes from Orange Beach: I have regrets. I regret inviting my guest.
  • Notes from Orange Beach: Every sunrise and sunset are different and it never gets old.
  • Notes from Orange Beach: Stingrays and their symbology are me. The Stingray spirit animal symbolizes maneuverability. … The Stingray meaning speaks about sensitivity, and the need to blend into your environment create peace and harmony. You don’t always need to react to situations, because sometimes it’s better to step back and not engage.
  • Notes from Orange Beach: I love my family.


Day 5 of Day 12 of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

  • Receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day felt amazing
  • Witnessing the death of my oldest brother was devasting and heart wrenching. At that moment what did I feel? I felt that it was over. I felt that it was his will because he was suffering tremendously. Lesson: His will, the will of the person ill, be done and not my will.
  • Grief can severely affect others to the point it becomes unhealthy. It becomes an obsession. It’s best to go to grief counseling if it gets to this point.
  • While we all experience grief in different ways, the burden is easier to carry when you understand death. We are spirits. We are not our bodies.


Me and My Brother Toney

Day 4 of Day 12 of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

  • I am only empowered in the NOW. Not in the past or not in the future.
  • Jealousy ruins everything. Including the person, it resides in.
  • People will back wrong doing and support unholiness because it’s family.
  • The actual saying is “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”. The meaning of this saying is actually the opposite of the way we use it. The saying actually means that bonds that you’ve made by choice are more important than the people that you are bound to by the water of the womb.


Coffee Cup Cutie by Asiey Barbie

Day 3 of Day 12 of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

  • Can’t rush time or growth. It takes time to grow all though you may get the water (lesson) today.
  • Be quiet. Go to or create quiet spaces and just sit there and look intelligent or stupid. Quiet the mind. Be quiet and work. Less responding and more observation.
  • Have a good relationship with the people you say you love. And remember, that relationship doesn’t have to look like other people’s love. They may give more money and you may give more time. They may give better gifts and you may give more thoughtful gifts. They may call every day and you may show up to run errands for them. It doesn’t have to look like their love language. You may have boundaries with that person and others may have none.
  • Noisy, chaotic, toxic, loud, high energy is not a beautiful relationship to me. I like peace. I like calm and I have to that kind of environment. I like spiritual guy. I like a guy with some class and manners. I don’t mind the good ol’ country boy. I just need him to be able to dress up and mix in any environment.


Day 2 of Day 12 of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

  • Too much going on in your life can cause a stagnation in creativity. My flow was “damned” up by things happening around me and directly to me. Most of the year I was uninspired.
  • A salt body scrub (lemon, mint, or peppermint) can help you wash away physical connections. A good chakra cleanse or rinse continues the purging of a person and help you break all ties. It can help you get rid of the remnants. Christians have a hard time understanding this but, it’s like fasting or eating certain things to help the body purge. Basically, we are energy and the heart is energy, the mind is energy, etc. When Christians say they felt it in their “spirit” or in the “belly” it’s an energy. You can feel good and negative energy. I don’t care what your religion is.
  • Whomever my twin flame, soul mate is, I know I am loved deeply and eternally.
  • 28 days no contact with a person is a detox. You can jumpstart your healing this way.
  • Keep making room for the RIGHT person until you no longer have to make room for them. In other words, when they show up you won’t have to make room for them. They will fit and you can grow together. Sometimes, at different rates. Oh, well. It’s never going to be perfect but, it darn sure has no resemblance of hell or purgatory.


milky way at dawn and silhouette of a telescope

Day 1 of 12 Days of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

For the next twelve days I will be sharing SOME of my many lessons and reflections from 2021. Without further delay, let’s jump right into it.

  • I don’t why I had to go through the agony and the turmoil to become a homeowner but, I did go through it. It was hell. I would have appreciated it even if was easy to get because of the things I went through in some of the rentals. Nevertheless, I am now a homeowner. I really had to dig deep into faith and it wasn’t an unfamiliar process because I’ve had to dig deep into my faith and stand firm in it many times. Here I sit victoriously typing this in my own home.
  • It’s important to have a strong mind. Some naturally have it and the rest of develop it through life’s experience. However, it happens, you really need a strong mind in this life.
  • It’s okay to take a day and feel whatever you are feeling to try to get through it. Understand it.
  • Some conversations and relationships must die. How long, how many years are you going to talk about it or deal with the person? Life is too long for rehashing the past at every holiday dinner, every time you see the person, or when you are in a bad mood because of a bad day. Or just because you THINK of it. And life is too long to drag a person through your whole life that obviously shouldn’t be in your life.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Before You Take Off…

Hopefully, you are preparing for the New Year so that you will be ready to take off. You can’t possibly get ready in January for January. If the party starts at 7:30 P.M. you cannot leave your house at 7:30 P.M. and arrive at 7:30 P.M. Well, as you may have been reflecting on this year in October, contemplating your journey for 2022 in November, and now mapping things out in December (eh…no pressure because it’s okay to start whenever you start! And please do not rush these things), wherever you are in this process I want you to think about something before you take off.

Friday before the storm my daughter and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the highly unusually warm weather. As I was gazing out, suddenly a hawk came within feet of the porch flying into the neighbor’s tree. I shouted, “WHOA! Did you see that?!!” She didn’t. She had her head in a book. It was either the Cooper’s hawk we encountered in the summer or a Redtail hawk. I couldn’t tell which one because of its swiftness causing a bit of a blur. I did, however, do some research later. It’s not every day you encounter hawks.

One thing stood out in my research that seemed relevant to me and could seem relevant to you. As you map out your plans, have you mapped out your message? Is it the same message you’ve had for years? And if so, have you considered the perspective of others that are not like you and if your message is inclusive? Has your message been divisive? Does it have negative, party and political undertones? Has it been all about your massive opinions? Could it be rooted in fear and false information? Is it doom and gloom?

The earth, the spiritual realm, is moving towards a different direction. The direction is of hope, repair, and healing. How are you assisting? Are you insisting on adding salt to wounds and ripping open sewn up wounds? Or is your message cloaked in truth but, really underneath it’s pushing your own selfish agenda? I hope you will assist with the hope, healing, and repair the world so desperately needs. If not, I hope your message is drowned out by those that are seeking higher ground.

~Honestly, Nikki

A Reminder About Anxiety

Today I am experiencing anxiety. I want to remind you that anxiety is not right or wrong, good or bad. It just IS. It will pass. This is a fact. Your body cannot stay in this heighten state forever. Deep breaths. It will pass.

I am okay.

I am alright.

I don’t need all of the answers right now.

It’s okay not to know. No one knows the future. No one knows everything. No one can plan for everything.

I am alright.

It is alright. I am safe now.

It is okay. I am okay.

Peace. Be still within.

All things are well with my soul.

The Creator will take care of the future. I do my part in the now.

It is alright.

It is okay.

I am alright.

I am okay.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Ugly Insides

You know, I expect children, teenagers, young adults to display some form of jealousy. However, as you age, I would think jealousy would die down or cease all together. I mean after the age of 50 don’t you know that jealousy serves no purpose? Haven’t you heard over and over again how jealousy is useless? Apparently, not.

“Jealous ruins everything including the person it resides in.”-Nicole Jackson. I know we all have experienced or have had a moment of jealousy. It passes. I am speaking of those that operate in jealousy and carry it in their heart. I said the other day, “If jealousy is in your heart, I doubt there is much room for love.” So, if love is not your motive and jealousy is your motive, there is no telling what lengths you may go to because jealousy is running the show. What sneaky little things are you doing? What outrages things are you doing? What ridiculous games are you secretly playing? What are you plotting? What means or sly things are you saying to the person you are jealous of?

I encountered a person that admitted they were jealous. I thought how sad to be over 50 and jealous of anybody or anything. I know it’s out there but, I still think it’s sad to be a full-grown adult and operating in jealousy. Blew my mind when I thought about all of the things this person has and all of the things that are not material, they have to be grateful for. Then it dawned on me quickly that jealousy is a mind and heart problem. When jealousy takes root, it blinds you to the goodness in your life. Jealous can even cause you to secretly or openly compete with people who are not in competition with you. I think it’s crazy.

When I experience jealousy, I try to access where is it coming from and address it. When jealousy rises up, we must confront it head on. Sometimes when I become jealous by someone else’s success I tell myself, “You don’t know their journey. You don’t know what they had to deal with or battle. You’re just seeing the end results.” I also “check” myself and ask, “Are you doing the WORK to achieve your goals and dreams? Are you handling your finances? How’s that credit score?” Another thing I use to get myself on the proper response to others success or good fortune is, “Be inspired. Not jealous!” You see jealousy, when it arises must be STAMPED OUT immediately. I realize people don’t have this SELF CHECKING tool. I wish it were an app but, it’s something you have to start doing. CHECK YOURSELF. ANALYZE YOURSELF.

Rooting out jealousy: If you’d count YOUR blessings instead of others’ blessings, and TRULY THANK THE CREATOR FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE, you would realize there’s no need to be jealous of anyone. -Nicole Jackson

I also think jealousy can come from a place of lack. Someone may lack whatever it is you seem to have. You could have love and support from your family and someone else does not have that and it creates jealousy in their hearts. You could have been born into wealth and people will be jealous of that because they have had to struggle financially or can’t do the things you do because they don’t make enough money.

Jealousy can stem from low self-esteem and how a person views themselves. It can come from a poor me attitude. It can come from childhood trauma and poverty. It can come hearing their parents talk about the haves and the have nots. It can come from wanting more, greed, and wanting to have the means and ability to control others. Isn’t it odd that people who “seem” to have it all, and we never have it all, but we have it all (love is all, peace is all, etc.,), are jealous of those that have very little or not as much? They are afraid they may lose it all or you may get ahead. What a shameful way of thinking. But that kind of thinking comes from deep insecurities and trauma.

Jealousy makes people angry. Jealous people can be disgruntled, complaining about the person they are jealous of, and take unprovoked revenge on that person. It’s their mission to get that person fired. It’s their mission to find faults and discrepancies and to point them out for everyone to see! It must be miserable to live this way.

Jealousy will make you boast to your perceived enemy about what you have and what you are doing. “I got a new car. I got a car with all of the bells and whistles. I have plenty of money. Just go back from my 5th vacation this year. My children are doing better than yours. Oh, you got 10 gifts for Christmas from your partner? My husband gave me 20.” It’s always the “one up” they have on you.

In the Bible, it says jealousy is the work of the flesh. In Buddhism it’s considered one of the five poisons because it creates pain and suffering for you and others. As you can understand, jealousy is just not a productive or fruitful way to live your life. It’s counterproductive. Just think of all the joy and happiness one can have if they weren’t so focused on what other have.

I found the above quote about jealousy to be profound.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Oh? Is That a Harvest?

I had a hell of a Tuesday. I had two huge financial hits. The person I was dating “ghosted” me. In retrospect, that should not have been part of the bad day. It is a blessing that he moved on! AND THAT is part of the beautiful harvest I want to speak to you about today.

My response to these things were so phenomenal, I was in disbelief. I didn’t have a melt-down. Anxiety didn’t ramp up and depression didn’t creep in. I was upset. I did briefly think, “What am I going to do about my finances? I was trying to save. God that was 75% of my SAVINGS!!!” But seemingly immediately after those feelings manifesting as thoughts popped up, they were met by a voice (thought), “It’s okay Nicole. God will take care of your financial situation. It will be replaced and built up so much more. Do not worry. More money is on the way to you. Money you will manifest, money owed to you, and money you never expected. It is okay,” I did cry. I felt terrible because part of the reason one of the expenses occurred is because I forgot about it. I shed some tears because I was in the process of building my savings back up. But when you think about it, I purchased a home this year. I had some home repair expenses. I had some car repair expenses. I took a much needed and deserved vacation.

I don’t regret any of those things. I am appreciative of the fact I had the money to do those things considering my financial standing. So, to settle my emotions I kept repeating, “It’s okay. It’s alright. Things always work out for my good.” We must remember in times like these, “I am one with the Creator. In the Creator or God, or whatever your name is for the Divine, there is no lack, shortage, or insufficiency.”

I feel as if my response to all three situations in a time span of hours was a beautiful harvest of seeds sown for years. It felt like something took root and blossomed at the same time. You may recall some of the blogs I wrote previously about intuition, clarity, and so forth. The Spirit (Holy Spirit) was guiding me all along. I heeded the voice to not put too much stock into that relationship and to hold back to SEE if things could be worked out. I needed to wait to see if our differences could merge. Obviously, they cannot. And I am okay.

This weekend was supposed to be one spent with the guy I was dating but, life had other plans. Some family came from Illinois and we went to Mississippi to visit my brother’s grave site. He transitioned this year from Covid. That was a rough moment for them and some of my other siblings. But after that, it was nothing but love, laughter, and creating memories. My dad, a retired pastor, preached an incredible sermon from St. John 14, “Another Friend”. It was indeed a anointed message. Our guests went with us to a Trunk or Treat. We had a blast. Then dinner and conversations. Visiting other family and breakfast together before they left Monday morning. WHEW.

I am tired. I really had a rough night last night with insomnia and Rheumatoid Disease pain. Yet, it was worth the pain to spend time with family. I can rest this evening.