Respecting Life



I was taught life is a precious gift from the Creator. I was taught not to only value my life, my family’s life, but to value the life of other people. I was taught life was not yours to take. However, I was also taught there were circumstances when preserving your life, your family’s life and other people’s life may result in the ending of another’s life. I was told the laws of the land were set up to determine to what degree was this life taken and the punishment for the life taken. I also learned later on in life, based on race, career and social class/privilege, even then the law was subject to a human being’s ability to not be bias or to act fairly. As we know, that doesn’t happen and happens more often than we would like to admit.  I also think there is a Divine judgement for all but, not the kind most Christians are taught. (That’s a whole other subject I will never discuss publicly. Surely, I will be called a false prophet or teacher or fake Christian. By the way I am not a prophet and I don’t know if a teacher.)

If you don’t particularly care for a race of people, you are more than likely to not really care about their life, blessings or sufferings. If you don’t particularly care for the wealthy, you are not going to care too much about their life, blessings or sufferings. If you don’t care for the impoverished, you are not going to care much about their life, blessings, or sufferings. If you don’t care about the religious or the non-religious, whatever faith you don’t like or think is wrong, you are not going to care about their life, blessings, or sufferings. If you don’t particular care for the LGBT community, you are not going to care about their life, blessings (someone is saying they can’t blessed!), or sufferings. It’s called indifference and indifference or being neutral can be a dangerous place to be in. You know stagnant water usually breeds bacteria and other disgusting things.

Could you be biased? Biased-unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.

I could tell you that you that you need a particular religious figure or a chakra cleansing but, I am thinking you need love and compassion for ALL. However, you find it I just hope you find it. However, you expand your umbrella of love I hope you do it. It challenges me to look at myself with unfiltered eyes and try to see where I might be biased. You know admitting your biases and prejudices is the first step to recovery….and to being a better human being.


Getting an Understanding

One thing I have observed when it comes to race relations there is a lack of understanding. Also, there is a lack of wisdom. Stephen Covey said something to the effect of “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.” And the Bible said “Wisdom is the principle thing. Therefore, get wisdom; and with all your getting, get an understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

I have heard some races say, they don’t understand this or that about a particular race but, I often wonder if they really want to understand. Understanding a thing is a matter of wanting to understand and having the mental capacity to comprehend. What I mean by that can be summed up in this proverb: You can’t wake a person, PRETENDING to be sleep. You can’t get a person to understand or at least empathize if they don’t want to. Some even pretend not to understand. To understand means you will have knowledge of a thing and sometimes to have knowledge of a thing such as inequality or the someone else’s journey may make you uncomfortable. It may cause you have to do something about it. It may cause you to become aware of your on stereotypes, racism, sexism, and prejudices. It may cause a rift in your family because they have taught you many things subconsciously and intentionally about another race.

I really don’t waste time trying to explain anything to those who are pretending to be sleep.



Kanye-ing Anxiety



There are  times in life when we will face some really difficult situations which can cause us to “worry” or to become “concerned” about the outcome. Anxiety is a perpetual worry and concern. It can come like a flood seemingly out of nowhere or it can come immediately when something foreseen or not begins to manifest right before our eyes. And many times  it may never manifest or at least not to the full degree we allow ourselves to imagine. It is when our active imagination takes us out in the deep where we lose sight of the shore of hope and faith. We are no longer anchored to the shore. We are floating out on a sea of shaky thoughts. We become “see” sick by the things we imagine will happen.

I ran across this quote and I had this thought: “Oh, it’s like Kanye-ing thoughts which create anxiety.” Imagine anxiety with a mic and you run up on stage and say “Look, I’m not going to give the mic back. However, I would like to thank the Creator for all that I have. I am grateful for life. I am thankful for the breath I breathe. I am thankful for the clothes and shoes I have. I am happy I can see, walk, talk and taste the food I have. I am so very grateful for the lessons I am learning….”  You know blah blah blah good stuff until Anxiety walks off the stage and has a seat.


In many cases it’s rude to interrupt but, it’s perfectly fine to interrupt negative thoughts and “what ifs” that create and build up negative emotions that send you into anxiety rap battles also know as anxiety attacks. I remember reading a book by Inyanla Vanzant that stated “If you are going to play the “what if” game, play the other side.” In other words, what about “what if” it doesn’t happen? Instead, use your imagination to create solutions and calm. Also, if you play the what if game, then ask yourself what can I do if that does happen. I know it’s not easy. I know from experience. However, it’s worth cutting off negative thoughts or anxiety and filling your mind with gratitude instead.


Rise Up Again


You have the courage and the strength to rise up again. Again means you have done it before and  if you have done it before you can do it again. I know. it’s never been this devastating. I know, it’s never been this dark. I know it’s never been this hard. Still, you have it in you to rise once more and again if you have to. And when you rise, pray.


And when you rise up, TAKE courage. Sometimes you have to TAKE courage and do what needs to be done.


Rise up.




Family Ties or Tourniquet?


When it comes to the dysfunction of family, your’re either the problem, part of the problem or have distant yourself from the problematic people. The latter has chosen a means of survival to preserve their peace of mind and sanity. The fighting (physically in some families), the bickering, the drinking and apologizing later, the spilling of family secrets, the manipulation, the games, the ones who switch sides faster than a blink of an eye, who’s mad at who this year, the constant windmill of gossip is more than a few can take but, seems to be very enjoyable by others in the family. I mean some just can’t get enough of the drama and they say to their detriment “Well, you can’t get rid of family. Blood is thicker than water.” Blood is not always thicker than water and while you can’t get rid of your family you don’t have to be a part of the circus. WARNING: I’d think twice and twice again before marrying into a family full of chaos and drama. I have found the way people interact with their family is how they interact in their relationships. My nerves are too bad for your family’s constant turmoil.

Some family ties are more like a tourniquet cutting the life and light off within you. You can barely make it through a cook out or another pot un-luck dinner. You get sick to your stomach thinking about “going over there.” Torture.

It takes  a strong individual to command peace in an environment of chaos and a brave one to go in time after time into the “Family Feud”. Instead of a host for the show you need a referee! If your spiritual life and your family life are polar opposites then it could be because of the ties are becoming a tourniquet. No way your busy body becomes a holy body at mass, a mosque, or whatever your holy day of the week is, and goes back to a busy body in the family keeping up mess. No way you can teach forgiveness and you can’t forgive your sister. No way you can read daily devotions and scriptures and curse everyone out in a drunken tirade every family gathering. What’s going on here?

You may not can be light to everyone in your family but, you’ll surely die if you don’t cut those ties that are tourniquets.


Just a free flow of thoughts today on this. No particular organization of thoughts. I hope you get something out of it.


Meditation. Uprooted and Replanted.


I pray and I meditate. In my meditation I received this and wanted to share with those who may be experiencing some alarming shifting in your life. I do write down what I receive most times. It can be instructions or dialogue or colors…I do have visions during meditation also. So….here we go.

Private devotion/meditation made public:

God/Spirit: God makes you grow. If you outgrow you have to be uprooted and planted elsewhere. We are not necessarily talking about a physical move as much as a spiritual transplant. One of your favorite scriptures you received the first time you read it is: Psalm 1:3

(Note to you: I use to read this scripture as a child and say I want to be a tree planted by the waters before I knew what that meant. I found it peaceful.)

3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Nicole, you feel unstable because you are being transferred. You are ready to be planted by the rivers of water. Uprooting is unsettling but, know you are in my hands. Seed has been planted, water has been given, I gave the increase and now you have to move. It’s what you always wanted. Fear not. You’re welcome.

Me: Wait. I wasn’t there already? I wasn’t already planted by the rivers of water?

God/Spirit: You were there and are there. This is awareness of the process. You see the end but you live the process in this realm…and as you grow you will see more of the “before you can ask, think of it, I will answer.”

Namaste. Shalom. Amen.


Rising Fear, Rising Faith


I live in a city where senseless and violent crimes take place daily. I live in a city where educational programs are often squandered and where politics lean towards the influence of the wealthy. This produces fear, anger, and flight. This produces arguments and lethargy.

Now factor in raising children, health problems, unemployment, starving artists, underpaid teachers and overpaid leaders, aging parents, debts, low paying jobs, past catching up, uncertainty about the future, marriage, divorce, single life and dating, finances, careers, family matters… You’ve got a whirlwind of fear dancing about your mind, body, and spirit. Torture. Did I say whirlwind? I meant a category 5 tornado.

Where do you stand? (Stand Nikki? I’m laying down and taking a nap. I’m drinking. I’m chain smoking. I’m overeating. I’m not eating. I’m confrontational. I’m not doing anything. I’m not sleeping.) Let me rephrase, “How do you stand?” I heard an intelligent being say, by the name of Nicole Jackson, “Rising fear is met with a rising active faith.” I love to be the bearer of good news. So, in other words “You have to meet fear with action! A faith that DOES SOMETHING. FAITH IS AN ACTION WORD.”

All of the knowledge/wisdom you’ve absorbed from the Creator, Shamans, Priests, Gurus, Ancestors, Life, etc. It’s time to use it. Prayer and meditation is a two way conversation between you and the universe (known to many buy God, Creator, Divine, etc.) Let prayer and meditation pour into you instructions you need “for such a time as this.” Perhaps this is new to you. You maybe a young adult. Listen, wisdom is all around you. It’s in your parents, grandparents, mentor, your beliefs, a book, mistakes, this blog. It’ll come to you Young Jedi.

Have no fear. Instead, activate your rising faith.



Confidence Seed. Take Root.



Where there is smoke, there is fire.
Where there is fear, there is a lack of confidence. You’ve got the gift or gifts but, what’s holding you back? Is it the thought that you can’t do it? Maybe you sorta kinda feel that you can but, you just don’t know.

Confidence is more than saying I can do it. Confidence is a strong conviction that you CAN do it. It has to take ROOT in your core being. But how? For those of us that lack self confidence. I’m writing this via the spirit, on the fly, given to me as I type. So, here we go in no order or logic to my knowledge:

Some of us never had confidence so to speak (I believe you are born with it but, many times it needs to be nurtured as a child. Hence, confidence building. Then there are others that just have it). If you were a child brought up in an environment that tore your confidence down daily, you may not have been fortunate enough to have had the mental fortitude to survive that. On the other hand, some of you in that environment held on to that voice on the inside telling you  “you can do it” but, you’re still lacking the confidence. Illnesses, accidents, tragedies, huge setbacks, have a way of merely destroying our confidence. If you allow it and let’s be honest, some of us have allowed it. No guilt.

Confidence comes from knowing that you’re already equip with some knowledge of how to manifest your gift and knowing that whatever you don’t know will come to you via research, another person that has already paved the way, or stumbling upon a method through trial and error. Call it divine intervention or instructions. “Something” told me to…I just so happen to be at…
Confidence is strengthened by trial and error. You gain the “how to” through the “don’t do.”-Nicole Jackson. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are teachers. Thank the teacher. Accept the answer and move forward.
Confidence is planted by action. You’ve got confidence. You’ve been SAYING IT, THINKING IT but have you been DOING IT? IMAGINE a seed 🌱 in your hand. And you look at it and say “I can plant it. I will plant it. I am planting it.” You lay down and you “think about planting it. See yourself planting it” but you’re still holding the seed in your hand! When you ACTUALLY take  ACTION is when the seed will get planted. The more you do your gift, the more confidence grows and deepens its ROOT in your soul. In your psyche. Doing your gift is the watering, sunlight, weeding.
You want your confidence to take root? Don’t mind the weather. Don’t mind the naysayers and the negative thoughts that come to you discourage you. If you do, you’ll be digging up the confidence seed. Bonus: Confidence also can be planted in any season.
This is all the Holy Spirit gave me and I have shared it with you!



The Cool Kids



In Elementary, Junior High/Middle School, and High School there were times you were included in circles and excluded. You would think there would be no surprise when you find yourself outside of a group of friends or associates. But, sometimes you are indeed a bit surprised.

Before you begin to make assumptions take a look at the circumstances surrounding the situation. Maybe it was talked about and planned when you were not there. Maybe they honestly forgot to mention it to you. Maybe they thought someone else in the group let you know. Maybe you were too busy. Maybe you forgot.

However, there are times when you will be purposely excluded. You are not in High School and this is adulthood. They don’t always want to hang with you and you must be mature enough to handle this by knowing it’s perfectly okay. It’s not to be taken personal. However, sometimes exclusion IS a signal to you about where you stand with this group or associates. Take note.

You know my daughter had this situation among two friends of hers. One of her friends would get jealous if her best friend spent time with another friend. I laughed a little because I remember those days. I told her well, this is something that doesn’t change much among many women as they get older. It is because they are afraid of losing that special bond with a friend. It’s a bit selfish but, I can understand those feelings. She has to learn that it is okay to share friendships and most of the time it takes nothing away from the friendship you have with that person. As a matter of fact, you can actually lose some friends by being too possessive. If she is this way with a friend she will be this way with a boyfriend and it’s not healthy (of course boyfriends shouldn’t be shared!). I explained all of this to my daughter.

I started my early years as mostly a loner with other loners. Then I associated with a main group of friends in middle school but, had other associations. Once I reached high school I kept a core group but expanded into other associations. I have learned to be PRESENT when I am included and NOT PRESENT when I am excluded (lol). I don’t take it personal. At least, not anymore.