I Had a Birthday This Month

I am one of “those” type of people that celebrate their birthday ALL month long. My birthday marks my NEW YEAR for me personally. During this month, I do things I enjoy most and try new things. I take advantage of the things going on in my city during this month and I allow myself to get out more than usual and to rest more than usual. Things are changing on how I do this. I am more intentional of those in my space and I am also more open to those in my space. This may seem contradictory but, it’s not. For example, I met up with a diverse group of women whose birthday was in March also. There were Pisces and Aries in this group and it was an enjoyable space of laughter and pleasant conversation. Finally, my beautician and I got to hang out in another space of excellence. The conversation was very diverse among us at the table and the service, food, music was so good I felt like I was being pampered while I dined with an array of small plates and cocktails.

I spent time with three of my closest friends. With one friend, we went to a Women in Arts Exhibition that is in its grassroots stage. We had good food from a food truck and went for ice cream afterwards. We sat on my porch and had a variety of conversations. I saw one of my favorite women in ministry by myself but was divinely positioned next to a young lady I was able to bless and that blessed me! One of my friends and I went to see Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. I have always wanted to see them! My other friend and I had dinner, cocktails and saw one of my favorite performers in Memphis. Jazzy. I went off on a couple of adventures by myself. A girl needs her “me” time.

On my birthday, I invited friends and family to join me to hear my favorite reggae bands in the city. I think most of us had a ball! I know I did. Food, drinks, music, and family. The musicians in this band are some of the bests in this country if you ask me. I love to see musicians play with excellence and enthusiasm. You can feel it and they never disappoint which lets me know they hone their craft.

I wanted to go on a shopping spree and I did go on a mini-shopping spree. Now, it’s back to budgeting and balancing the books. I have issued a NO SHOP APRIL!!!


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