September’s Energy

Photo by ME

The number 9 is powerful. It represents completion. Not in a finite way but more like the fulfillment of a cycle so that you can prepare to begin the next one. It’s a recognition of life’s ongoing ebb and flow. This month wants you to wrap some things up so you can begin to prepare for what’s next.

9 wants to know what have you learned? It’s about living and learning but, I get the sense you can reflect on the previous months and ask yourself what have I learned this year so far? Where am I on my journey? You need to know so you can prepare to move forward and make the necessary adjustments. It’s almost harvest time. You have sowed seeds all year long whether you know it or not. So, towards the end of this month you will see some harvest.

As you continue to balance work and home life (2022 is a 6 energy), you may feel more compassionate, patient, generous, understanding, and creative and this certainly will help on all fronts. The 6 energy and 9 energies seem to work in harmony if you allow it to. Responsibility and deep healing are still flowing through this year. I think you can expect a deeper understanding of your healing and find a creative way to handle responsibilities.


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