A Spiritual Bath

I was feeling resentful. I was feeling resentful towards God because I have yet to be connected to my twin flame, soul mate, the one for me. It’s been years of waiting and years of false starts. I want you to know before you comment on how I should focus on this or that, that it is PERFECTTLY OKAY for me and anyone else to have these feelings. In fact, it’s normal to feel loneliness, too. We just don’t have to pitch a tent and LIVE in these feelings of resentment and loneliness. But we can feel them for hours, a day or two and after that it’s time to come out of it and turn our attention to something else. It’s time to reflect and go within and get back to living this blessed, amazing life.

In the meantime, while you are in those feelings, I suggest you explore those feelings. What makes me feel this way? What happened? Was it a conversation, a thought, something I overheard or something I was listening to or watching? Was it a wedding? Did someone get engaged?

I mean you feel what you feel and feel your way through it to the other side where peace and understanding awaits you. I was feeling really SALTY towards God. I had questions no doubt God has heard me ask before. I was overlooking my wrongs, my errors, but also pointing out my good. “I mean, what kind of timeline are we on here? I asked. Why do you answer me in all of these other areas except this one? How is it that I can manifest finances and opportunities but I fail to manifest the love of my life? Why are you holding back good? I thought you weren’t one to hold back good things? I hate the way I feel right now! I don’t feel sad. I do feel lonely but, I really feel resentful!”


I hear as I prepare for bed, “Take a spiritual bath. Take a salt bath in the morning before you eat.” After hearing that, I also got the idea I needed to continue my detox and to do some sort of fast for four weeks. My spiritual bath included spiritual information and affirmations via YouTube, 1 cup of lavender Epsom salt, 1 cup of pink Himalayan salt, and a half-squeezed lemon into the water. I lit my oil diffuser and poured lavender vanilla oil in it. I got this mix from Spirit and the intention set for this 20-minute soak was to wash away the remnants of past relationships and to release resentfulness towards the Creator.

Did it work? Well, a spiritual bath is for your spirit and of course it benefits the body. The body and spirit are connected. The body, mind, and spirit are connected. I feel better overall. I don’t feel resentful. I do feel a sense of deep cleansing spiritually and my body feels great because of the salts. I feel I can think clearly. I feel I can hear clearer. Perhaps, with this detox and fast I will get the answer to the biggest question of my life, “Why is this taking so long?”


One thought on “A Spiritual Bath

  1. I am eternally delighted that Sheryl said yes to my question to marry me 45 years ago. We are so fortunate and frankly we know it.

    I wish you many blessings, the road can be short or long, even or bumpy but whatever road we travel it is God’s will.

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