Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Educated Fools

Is the answer to violence, crime, and poverty an education? No. Not only. There are educated racists, murders, corrupt politicians that have jobs and careers. Slave owners were more educated than slaves (Book wise and who wouldn’t be more educated than you when you are not in your own homeland.) and that didn’t change their violence, crime, or evil. I think it takes more than an education. What about morals and values? What about love and respect? What about respect and pride for yourself, your neighborhood, and your people?

Education and a good job or career may HELP solve poverty but, it doesn’t wash away injustice, violence, crime, and corruption. I think violence, crime, injustice, and corruption boils down to a heart problem.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Educated Fools

  1. You are right education is not the entire answer, but it does give the capacity for a cure to exist. I think the cure is an attack on all fronts. It is that big of an issue.

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