Whatever Wednesday: Good Eats

Richardson’s Farm (from Senatobia, MS) at the Memphis Farmer’s Market

About two weeks ago I went to Memphis Farmer’s Market downtown. It is one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday Morning. The photos about are colorful bell peppers from Richardson’s Farm located in Senatobia, Mississippi. It is a black owned farm. I learned what yum yum were and I have since enjoyed the, cut in half and filled with pimento cheese. Also, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and guess what? Rotel dip was suggested from one of the ladies selling the veggies. I can’t wait to try them with a Rotel dip.

Ripley’s Farm (Ripley, Tennessee)

Talk about the BEST peaches I have tasted in my life! Ripley’s Farms! They are known for their tomatoes and I always seek those out but, my GOODNESS the peaches! I can’t wait to see them this Saturday. I need, and I do mean need more peaches! I gave my mom one and I regret it lol! I wanted that peach back after my other three were devoured. She called and said, “Where did you get the peach from? I haven’t had a peach so good in years!”

I had a BLT two days in a row with my heirloom tomatoes. Best tomatoes are heirloom or vine tomatoes hands down!

I learned the difference between heirloom tomatoes or vine tomatoes and the tomatoes that are shipped to the big box stores. I learned about the process to get the tomatoes in the store vs the ones that are pulled from the vine when ripe. The texture and softness is a major difference. The taste is also better!

With my veggie and fruit haul, I definitely research things to make with tomatoes and how to freeze bell peppers. I like bell peppers in stir fry veggies, omelets, and of course in sauces. I can also cut up tomatoes in those sauces, cook, and freeze.

Below is my market bag I crocheted. It is amazing how it stretches. It’s 100% cotton, re-useable and washable. I sell these and ship them for $10. Usually, I use leftover cotton yarn from different projects so they come in all sorts of colors.


I forgot to mention I tried bok choy for the first time and I really like it! New veggie alert!

Bok Choy from one of the farms at Memphis Farmer’s Market
And never leave the market without MEMPOPS…never…

2 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: Good Eats

  1. Send me 40 pounds. However, keep the Bok Chu. I am not a fan of Bok Chu, but everything else is amazing. Oh, heck make the package 80Lbs, include 40 lbs of peaches. 🙂

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