Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: A Call to Community

In my new/old neighborhood there has been an increase of “foolishness” and violence. So much so, the Neighborhood Watch has been activated to deal with it. I remember as a child going to the same neighborhood watch meetings and being incredibly bored. However, we were kept up to date on what to look out for and instructed to tell a neighbor or call the police. This neighborhood, that I moved back into, has been for the most part, safe and quiet. And that is due to neighbors that care about each other and the community.

I wish every community would take an initiative to root out crime and to preserve as much as possible in their own environment. However, I know it is easier said than done. Sometimes there is a risk for your life and others if you decide to CHANGE the course or to improve the conditions. I say call on your representative to assist in the changes when it comes to violence and crime. I think even if you can’t start with crime start with community involvement to get rid of trash, debris, and run down homes. Advocate for a youth center to have activities and trips for the children in the summer. These things alone can improve a neighborhood and give people a sense of pride and direction.

If your community is crime free and problem free, then you, too should be involved in the preservation and improvement of that community. Also, expanding your concern and involvement in some productive manner can help. We must realize that we are all connected in neighborhoods with other surrounding neighborhoods, with our “section” of the city and as a whole city. It all matters. It all affects us. Helping others to advocate for themselves or being a voice for them when they cannot speak out is a special call. We all can do something, big or small for our neighborhood. Our community. Our city. Vote. And answer the call to your part.


One thought on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: A Call to Community

  1. We have to remember that police do not prevent crime. The public prevents crime. The police only arrest those who did it. The police cannot make arrests unless the public supports the effort.

    Unfortunately, we tend to forget that.

    By the way, that coffee looks great.

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