Whatever Wednesday: Freedom from Insecurities

Yesterday, my daughter convinced me to go for a walk at the park. It was a little warm but, I went. I pop my earphones in once she starts to pick up the pace and leaves me behind. We start out together but, because I can’t walk fast, I tell her to go ahead and get her work out in. I was listening to the Wayne Dyer Podcast and I heard him say something that immediate freed my soul.

“What do you have to be insecure about? You are a creation of God.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was like, “WHOA!” It felt as if all my insecurities dissipated into thin air. I am a creation of God. Why on earth am I insecure? God made me the way I am and even if I altered it in some sort of way, I am still a creation of God. I was insecure about my looks, my voice, and my body but GOD created my features, my voice, and my body. It is what it is but, because of society or the environment one grows up in, some features are preferred. Some SKIN TONES and HAIR TYPES are preferred. Some body types are preferred and especially, in my community. People let you know this from a very young age.

I did eventually get comfortable with the body I was created with. I thought I was okay with the way I looked UNTIL I thought about creating a YouTube channel. This is when I became concerned with the way I looked and the way I sound…again. I never liked seeing myself on video. I realize that one reason I haven’t been obedient in doing anything with the channel is because when I see myself, when I hear myself, I am slightly uncomfortable. And that rattles my confidence. Although, I have went live a few times, and even in those times I wasn’t fond of it. But I felt pressed by Spirit to speak. So, I did.

It’s amazing how things can seemingly, out of nowhere, come into your space and enlighten you. You get the right word, the right conversation, at the right time. I guess I will take the leap and begin to create content for my channel.

What insecurities?


One thought on “Whatever Wednesday: Freedom from Insecurities

  1. I walked around for over 20 years convinced I was not good enough to do my job.

    Turns out I,, well I dont know. it is always tough when we doubt ourselves.


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