Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Respect the BREAK UP

This may seem harsh but, it’s the truth. People have a right to break up with you or to break it off. However you want to define it. Even if it hurts your feelings, breaks your heart, makes you feel like a fool. They have a right to their feelings. Do you not have a right to your feelings and a right to be with someone you want to be with? I say you do. You have to give others that same freedom and right if you are NOT the one for them.

I know it sucks. I know it may not seem fair. I know it may hurt like hell but, would you want to be with someone you didn’t want to be with? Would you want to subject yourself to going through the motions and pretending? If you are not into it or them it can be misery brewing. You want to see others. Find the one that sparks your soul but, no. You are forced to be with this other person that you really don’t want to be with because well, they are nice. You don’t want to hurt their feelings. But really you are doing them a disservice and being dishonest by forcing yourself to stay. What you are pretending to do is to be into them when you know you are not. Deceptive.

I accept the fact that someone was just not that into me (although in my bold opinion, running away from love or unable to recognize what real love looks like). I accept their truth and choose my response. Oh, my first response was hurt, disappointment, anger, and a few curse words. But once I got a grip, I chose to respond by letting them go completely (no interactions whatsoever by Divine guidance) and choosing the healing process. It’s an everyday choice. You on the other hand, must heal your way.

People have a right to their feelings. You are apart of people 😉 We must respect the break up as if we would want our choice to be respected. We don’t have to like it. It would be wise to accept and move forward. Don’t you want what or who is for you? I do.


One thought on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Respect the BREAK UP

  1. None sense no one breaks up with me ever. Someone tries I will stalk them into submission.

    Wait there is a knock at my door, looks like the police again. Oops gotta go….

    If anyone asks Sheryl wrote that.

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