Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: This Black Woman’s Thoughts About What Happened at The Capitol

I don’t know what you were thinking because well, I am not you. My first thoughts were: “Could not have been black people. They would have never made it to The Capitol. Dogs would have been unleashed. Children would have been trampled. They would have gunned us down in the name of “patriotism” and would have done so unapologetically.”

Then I was stunned for a few minutes. It changed as I remembered these are white people and only in America are they still standing. I could not believe my eyes. Only in America, are they underprepared for their own. Only in America will they cover up, uncover, cover up and uncover the facts about having the military on the steps for BLM protests but, NO ONE on the steps for this bunch. There were no reported threats but, the FBI comes back as says, “Oh, yes, there were.”

When I saw them beating the cops, I thought: “Blue Lives don’t matter to them today.” I felt the same sadness I feel for black men, children, and women who were murdered or beaten by cops. Do you know why? Because WRONG IS WRONG. But, to see them use the same hatred many white Americans use with minorities on each other was really something to witness. I mean as much as they harp on the delusional narrative of black on black crime, here they are for the entire world to see. THUGS. No, TERRORISTS. HOME GROWN AND HOME FED. The intent to Hang a VP, kill and torture politicians that were mostly white by whites was mind blowing. Civil War.

As a human being first and an American, I was disgusted. But as an African American, watching those people walk away. Go back to their hotels. Get on flights and go home. I felt like, “Oh, yeah. They are WHITE AMERICANS.” I almost forgot that’s how they were able to do this in the first place. If that is not privilege I don’t know what the hell is.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: This Black Woman’s Thoughts About What Happened at The Capitol

  1. As an American I was disgusted. As a white American I am worse than that. I have never in my life seen something like that. I’ve been on earth 63+ years and what I saw was so bad there has been no equal except perhaps the vote of South Carolina on December 20, 1860 when they secede from the union.

    I hope to God we never see it again. We cannot do enough to stop it.

  2. As for the African American experience? I am deeply troubled that the power that be turned the National Guard out in force for the Black Lives Matter protest and nothing for these total idiots.

    I am not upset that the BLM protest drew the the national guard, since it was plain that the idiots who attacked the capitol might have attacked the BLM protestors. But is the lack of BLM protestors at the capitol mean that the National Guard should not be called out? No this was racist pure and simple.

    As I type this I just heard on 60 minutes that the sergeant of arms of the house and senate refused to ask for the national guard to be put on standby. Then it took the DOD to 3.5 hours to have them show up.

    It showed that Black lives do not matter but that property does. Yet we now know that white lives matter far more than property. Far more.


  3. I literally don’t have the words or emotions anymore. I wasn’t surprised but at the same time, disgusted. I just keep praying things will change and get better for our children.

  4. Anyone in the military could have predicted the attack. #45’s rhetoric was that of war. I’m a civilian and I figured out an attack would happen. And yet, as you said the reaction was racist and permitted this to happen. On the late night shows, they played video of what the cops looked like for the BLM protests (full helmet and riot gear) compared to sedition day where they had regular uniforms. Then you have the BS of the police reaction to the Asian hate crime where they don’t stop him!! 3 different locations!?! I’m sick and mad. We need justice and it’s about time Harriet Tubman is on the $20 already.

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