What Did You Birth?

We can label 2020 as the worst year ever. We can also talk about our successes and what we gained. We can talk about what we learned and how we grew. We can FOCUS on these things and acknowledge the horrors of 2020.

What did you burry in 2020? I am sure you know and I am not talking about your loved one but, even out of death I have been made aware of some things. It caused changes and gave me some deep reflection of my own life and how I connect with others. But, what about what you birthed?

I was listening to the message from Pastor Steven Furtick and he talked about how Jacob buried Rachel, the woman he loved right outside of Bethlehem, the place where Jesus was born. It made me reflect on what I buried and what I birthed this year.

I buried my plans and I birthed one of MY VISIONS.

Friends were buried and I birthed a greater appreciation for the friends I have left on this earth. I birthed a stronger connection with classmates.

I buried man made traditions and birthed a WORSHIP in SPIRIT and in TRUTH relationship with GOD.

I buried love (still in the grieving process) in exchange for a GREATER LOVE.

And so much more…

After that message I decided to look at 2020 with a different perspective. Was it a terrible year? Yes it was. But did I learn? Did I succeed at anything? Did I change for the better in any way? I did.


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