Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Spontaneity

On Wednesday I chatted with you about experiencing life and one of those things that brings about experiencing life is spontaneity. October invites this and I took Saturday morning to do just that. I really like cars but, I really have a love for antique cars. As you know, I am single and sometimes being single can cause us to shrink back from spontaneous behavior. I know it can be a personality thing as well but, I think that should be challenged from time to time. Especially, in relationships.

So, I really wanted to share this experience with a friend but, they were unable to attend with me because they had a busy Saturday. I contemplated going but, I have missed so many car shows because I wanted to share the experience and because some involved traveling out of town. Well, I pushed myself to get up and head out to not miss doing something I loved to do in the past with friends before I became a mother. My daughter also has an appreciation for antique cars because I have shared that love with her.

I am so glad I went to this Fall Edge Motorfest in Memphis, TN sponsored by Edge Motor Museum also located in Memphis. I enjoyed it and it was the perfect day for it! Perfect weather! I hope this show continues to grow. It was free and my little heart was happy with all of the chrome, creativity, and mind blowing mint condition machines a girl could imagine packed into a Saturday morning. By the time I finished taking photos and gasping, it was time to eat. On my way back to my car, I stopped at High Cotton Brewery for brunch! It was my first time there and this was also, unplanned. The service and food was great. I will be back and soon!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Spontaneity

  1. Doing stuff I enjoy by myself is something I am also trying to do instead of waiting for when my friends will have free days.
    I am on leave next week and I’m planning to attend an art and pottery class whether or not I will have company, as well as learn how to play a recorder. Enough of the procrastinating until ‘I get someone to go this!’

    Thanks for fueling my little fire🙂

  2. I appreciate fine automobiles. My favorite car right now is Chevrolet Corvair. I am not kidding. I love a Corvair. By the way my second best is an AMC Gremlin. OK, my most favorite of all time is a Chevrolet Chevell SS or an El Camino SS.

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