Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Doors

If you knock and the door doesn’t open, it’s not the right door or no one is at home (not the right time). You may want to try later but, after the third time, I leave it alone.

If you knock and the door opens but, something is VERY WRONG in that house (situation, job, relationship), it’s not the right door. Turn tail and run.

If you knock and the door opens and when you enter in you feel like you belong or it’s inviting, it’s the right place. You may be there forever, you may be there for a moment. It may be perfect as in mature, not without trouble and that is okay. It could be a place of growth and learning, healing, love and laughter. However, if it turns toxic, preferably before it turns toxic, one should leave.

If you reach a door that opens up for you easily, pray for guidance before you enter. Just like the doors mentioned before there may be a blessing or there may be a lesson.

If you reach a door that is locked, and you’ve been knocking relentlessly, trying all kinds of ways to open it, and it does not open, LEAVE IT ALONE. DO NOT FORCE YOUR WAY IN. This have never turned out good for me. I mean it’s one thing to have to push a jammed door or to unlock a door that shouldn’t be locked (i.e. equal rights, civil rights, making history, breaking barriers and glass ceilings) , kicking it down even, when there is good involved. It’s another not so good thing to FORCE a door open that isn’t your door to begin with or a door that is locked for your protection. EMPLOYEES ONLY.

What’s you experience with the opening and closing of doors in your life? What have you learned?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Doors

  1. Or as mu cousin says, if you knock and no one answers, then it means that you are invited to take the TV and any stereo equipment you find. He was popular among many store owners who deal in used merchandise.

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