Anxiety and Covid-19


How are you feeling? How are you dealing with this roller coaster ride that none of us asked to be on? I realized today, as I had to get out to get some staples, that my shortness of breath was due to anxiety. A few weeks before the Stay At Home Order,  I thought I was “simply” having shortness of breath in the store. It happened again as I had to get my medication at the pharmacy. I do have an anxiety and the doctors do not know why. So, they gave me an inhaler. It happened again today and this is when it dawned on me what was happening. I was having an anxiety attack. The first time this happened it was scary!

The moment it dawned on my I remembered what I was taught to do in therapy. It helped. I got what I needed and a few other items and got out of there. I was glad the store marked lines on the floor so customers were not on top of each other. Once I took items to my parents, I came home, discarded my clothes, washed my hands, put food away and used hand sanitizer that I made. I flip on the TV and there was BREAKING NEWS about the cases being up in the U.S. 209,000. Two people on my friend list have lost love ones due to the virus. Deep BREATH.

I rely on meditation, medication, guided meditation, prayer, and yoga. I rely on affirmations and scriptures. I limit my news intake. I will snooze friends on social media that report the news constantly or are heavy on conspiracy theories and spread fake news. I have learned that you must be pro-active and active when it comes to your mental health. Does this ALWAYS work? Of course not! BUT I TRY. And by try I mean, I take the steps, I do what my therapist recommends, I put forth real effort MOST of the time. I’m human and many times anxiety gets the best of me.

These are different times and I find following the rules and guidelines help to ease the mind. Eating decent meals, fruits, and veggies helps the body. I am not a health nut. I have both ice cream and spinach in the fridge. I  take it day by day turning my fear into faith by posting positive things, blogging, and encouraging others. I love helping others.








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