Mastering Anxiety? The Accelerated Course


I don’t know why I decided I needed to MASTER anxiety. I mean I do, but what was I thinking taking on such an ENORMOUS task? The conversation went something like this:

Me: God I need to Master Anxiety. It will be better for me and others in the long run.

God: Ok. Boom! (First lesson).

Me: God? Is this the accelerated course?

God: Yes.

Me: Man!

And just like I was in a situation that was causing me anxiety. It was enough to turn me down a road facing depression. It was enough to make me cry out of frustration. It was enough to make me sad, gloomy, moody, and to have a few sleepless nights. I had a couple of close friends to help me along the way, but I wasn’t ready to HEAR and ACCEPT what I already knew. I was not ready for the lesson of 2019, “Don’t seek advice for what you already know. If anything seek confirmation of your soul or gut.” Well, today after dealing with another incident, I was ready to receive confirmation. I’d been asking for almost two weeks for God to help me to hear my soul. Help me to differentiate my thoughts, my heart, and my soul.

Well, after getting confirmation from a good friend, I was ready. I felt lighter and free from worry. I went on with my plans for the night. I wasn’t really expecting to hear from the individual. Although, I checked my phone a few times. Afterwards, I just went on enjoying my evening. I made it home and wasn’t thinking about WHY or WHAT. There is no excuse. There is no more understanding. There is no more of anything. A clean break.

So lesson #1 in Mastering Anxiety: You can address the behavior of another person that is causing you anxiety or you can remove the person from your space. This is MASTERING ANXIETY.


3 thoughts on “Mastering Anxiety? The Accelerated Course

  1. Oh goodness do not tell Sheryl, I am on thing ice most of the anyway. If she got the notion she could remove me, I would be in serious trouble.

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