Sunday Morning Coffee Musings:The Something Good Jar


So, I have been organizing, de-cluttering, and throwing away things in my room. It has been, and still is a task that can last days depending on what’s going in life and with my health. So, I was dusting and reorganizing my dresser and emptied out this jar of #somethinggood notes. I started it in January of this year and many times I forgot to add things. But, when I did open up some of the notes, I smiled. My heart felt delighted. I laughed. So, I decided that I would commit to this again, but starting in December of this year to December of next year. Here are a few of the notes:


There we more good things that happened this year. My daughter went off to college and she had all A’s her first semester. One of my books has been copyrighted. Some of my art sold in a charity auction and I earned a percentage. Some of my art is in an art gallery. I saw Jonathan Butler in concert with Kirk Whalum. I saw Norman Brown (my favorite jazz guitarist) and many more in concert. Talk about “fanning out!” and unexpectedly! I did more craft shows, in wonderful venues, and sold way more crocheted items and my art was noticed there as well.

All of these seemingly small things were hidden under a cloud of that “one bad thing that happened.” And even as the year closes out, something good is happening But, I will leave that written on a piece of paper to be put in the jar at the appointed time. In the meantime, I have a feeling there were be so many more SOMETHING GOODS that will go in to this jar for me to look back on at the end of next December.


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