SLAZY SATURDAY: Productive Things I Did On A “Slazy” Saturday


I had it all planned out. Saturday was the day I would COMPLETELY organize my room. Well, after a night out celebrating a dear friend’s birthday and returning home at 2:30 A.M. and THEN having to wind down, NOT HAPPENING (Didn’t Happen). I slept in, which I have no complaints about that. I woke up, fixed coffee, and made myself a bologna and grill cheese sandwich and called it brunch. I added an orange and sliced up half a banana.

I did not want to clean my room or organize it. I wanted to go back to bed. So, I did snooze until I had to get up. I changed clothes (woooohoooo)!

So, I started to think what could I do that doesn’t require too much effort, yet can still be considered highly or maybe remotely productive? Maybe even fun.

  1. I cleaned out my purse.
  2. I cleared both of my email accounts of 1000’s of emails.
  3. I read blogs and commented.
  4. I watched an hour worth of videos I saved on Facebook. AND I had my notepad and pen nearby to jot down any inspiration or note recipes to try.
  5. While I caught up on a few Red Table episodes, I twisted my hair (It’s a natural hair thing, girl thing, etc.)
  6. I went through magazines I said I was going to go through months ago and tore out pages of recipes, ideas as topics for my blog, and inspiration for my Vision Board. I also put them in a pile for recycle.
  7. I meditated.
  8. I did chair yoga.
  9. I gathered all of the books I want to read and finish reading that I think may be beneficial to my journey this year.
  10.  I synched my wall calendar, planner, and phone calendar for January thus far.
  11. I did a facial mask.
  12. I set alarms to tell me to wind down (It pops up: Time to Wind Down Gorgeous) and I actually set an alarm to get up in the morning (It pops up with the message: Blessed to see another day). I wake up naturally anywhere between 5am – 6:30am, but my daughter usually makes sure I am up by 6:30. This routine started and was really needed in the beginning of my diagnosis. I could (and still can) sleep through alarms because of pain medication or by waking up in the night with pain and then falling into a deep sleep in the wee hours. Groggy mornings and stiff mornings are not fun.
  13. I pumped out this blog just for you!

None of these felt like “real” work to me. It was fun and I had a great day at home while the rain and cold weather outside continued. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday!



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