Sunday Morning Coffee Musing: Exploring My Depths of Darkness

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I believe in order to master one’s self, you must explore the depths of your darkness. Your darkness is the thing or things that create a mountain. In my case, a mountain range. For those of that are on the Master of Self journey, in order to become Masters in this lifetime, we are faced with this course. You can go as deep as you want and it takes a brave soul to tackle the very deep. I myself would like to get to the root.

The dark things are scary. They are hideous. They are shameful. They are necessary to become a Master. Whatever it takes to move beyond these things you must do. Each person has their own way of making light out of the darkness. There is no one formula because each journey is unique and designed for a unique individual.

Nicole, what are you talking about? If you have to ask, honestly, you are not on this journey. You have not signed up for this course. Yet, I will try to explain. When you are not bound by what others do or don’t do, the frivolous things in this life, the condemnation of others, when you are not so intent on being right about your way of things and everyone must conform to your way, then you are so involved in mastering yourself all of these other things are on the sidelines. You see and you don’t see. You hear and you don’t hear. You speak and you don’t speak.

In this mastering of self, you have to master the darkness. You have to shed light on your own ways, past, and heal. As you move through other self exploration and lessons, as you walk in your own calling, as you work out your own salvation, as you exercise your gifts and talents, you must master the darkness. It is one of the most challenging things to do. Some do it boldly. Some fiercely. The come in like warriors and they conquer. And then there are those like me. We need to understand in order to make light. We need to heal a little longer. We need a guide. As I said, there is no right or wrong way there is just a way. And those that have mastered ego, have no brag in them.

This darkness is vast. It has even eaten away at my spirit. This darkness comes and goes but, I am determined to master it as move through the courses of Mastering One’s Self so that I can become a Master in this realm.


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