Weary, Wounded, and Sad


As I began to wind down from the day, I sat on the side of the bed and thought, “I am tired. I am tired of fighting. Just because I am a warrior, doesn’t mean I don’t get tired of fighting.”

God: You don’t have to fight. The battle is not yours, it’s mine.

But, I have to fight the battle in my mind.

God: You do. We do. But, if you are tired, if you are weary, you rest. “We” don’t get tired. You are not an army of one woman. You have me, you have Jesus, you have the Holy Spirit, you have YOUR angel, you have angels, you have hosts. You are surrounded by love, ancestors. A weary soldier, doesn’t make a good soldier. Didn’t you preach that one time?

Okay, I’m going to watch Greenleaf and eat some shortbread cookies with milk. Then, I am going to bed.


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