Happy New Year Bloggers!


I wonder what you have in store for us this year? Even though we are bloggers we are also fans, subscribers, and readers of other bloggers! So, are you switching up your content, changing your layout and customizing your blog? Do you have a blog organizer or are you freestyling it as usual? Maybe you are planning on promoting more and generating an income from blogging (I have not figured that out yet!). Well, whatever you do, I am sure it will be done well! Here’s to us!


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year Bloggers!

    1. Hey Pete I ran across people talking about an organizer for your blog. I guess it’s where you plan out your blogs, the content, etc. It’s an actual planner. However, you can also keep a a folder on your computer when you come across ideas or topics. Some plan their blog out methodically and it helps them to stay consistent. This is what I have googled! lol

      1. Thanks Nikki! I guess I am doing that to a certain extent, since the bible studies follow a set course. My poetry comes as the Lord gives it, so I can’t plan that! I do have some extras set aside, and hundreds from before I started blogging, so no worries there. I do keep a folder on my computer, but have yet to use it :-). Good to know I’m on gthe right track How about you?

      2. I thought about getting one then I realized as well I kind of go with the flow and I also have a plan that is flexible. I guess I am mix of freestyle and organization. I do have a folder and I also take things or quotes I have said, or like and keep them for inspiration. I definitely want more time for other things outside of my blog. I am also an author and speaker.

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