Leaving the Masquerade©2016

beautiful couple in dark room

Leave the masquerade

Your’re not getting paid

But you are spending your time

In a place that is unkind

Everyone is different

But we all look the same

It’s all fun and games

Until it is simply a game

And when the mask is off

You discover

Few are with you

Not even your  lover

What’s more frightening? Here is the truth

You were in a place pretending to not be you


There is nothing more detrimental to your creativity or existence than not being able to be free to express your full and total being. If you find yourself in a masquerade of people where you can’t tell who is who and you are surrounded by confusion, it’s time to leave the masquerade. You see masquerades are fun for a night but, not for a lifetime. -Nicole Jackson ©2016



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