Be Comfortable With Your Own Skin Colour

Wonderful! Let’s just appreciate our own beauty as well as others. Let’s disband the thoughts given to us my history, family, and media!


          Do you feel uncomfortable or lose your confidence because of your skin colour??  If you do, then don’t – like you many people don’t feel comfortable in their own skins. But this should stop from today.


            From I was in school I found that girls having dusky or dark complexion have insecurities and lose confidence with their skin colour. Even in the present time some of my friends who have dark complexion feel bad about their looks. They are trying many fairness products or DIY methods to lighten up their skin colour. They do not realize that what they are really looking for a way to be themselves and feel good about them.

 I also focused on my looks throughout my school and college. I was conscious about sun tans which made my complexion dull or acne scars on my face. So, I used to scrutinize myself in the…

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