Awake in Vegas


People ask me all the time why do you like going to Las Vegas so much? Well, it’s not because I am a gambler (you know most people think that’s all there is to do in Vegas) but, it’s because I never get to do all that I want to do in Vegas! So, I have to go back.  It’s the shopping, the entertainment, and the food. It’s the exhibits, the touring in and around Vegas such as the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, the Hoover Damn, etc) the ride over to California and so on. While there is never a dull moment day or night, Vegas is very chill in the day time and comes alive at night. I go back to find my favorite bartender and meet new people. I love to dance and party all night long. It’s a good time that lasts until the wee hours of morning. It’s true, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.




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