Coffee Connoisseur: Review #2 Barissimo Donut Store Blend


This is an inexpensive brand of coffee I found in the Aldi’s Chain Store. It’s 100% Arabica Coffee with No Artificial Colors or Flavors. It was $3.99 for a 120z. bag. This is a Light roast which is not bold but has a gentle tap verses a bold or dark coffee which gives a slap in the face or a kick in the throat as one of my friends recently said. She needs that kind of coffee!  ( I do too depending on my morning or night lol). So light and medium is the gentle wake up coffee. Did you know light and mild coffees are easier on the stomach if you have acid stomach problems? F.Y.I (For Your Information).

The aroma is very very light. It doesn’t waft through the house like a medium or bold coffee would. You smell it when you open the package and you can smell the light aroma when you are sipping.

However, the flavor delivers as a Arabica coffee would. It has a tang to it. I usually drink my coffee with two teaspoons of cream and a teaspoon of sugar or a tbsp of honey. Whenever I am reviewing a coffee I taste it without anything added then I fix it to my liking.

Overall I will give this brand 5 cups for price and a 3.75 cups for flavor.


Your Coffee Connoisseur

Please stay tuned for my Tea Time Reviews coming soon!


One thought on “Coffee Connoisseur: Review #2 Barissimo Donut Store Blend

  1. You know, Nikki, that’s what it really was….the smell. When I opened the bag I said “this doesn’t even smell like COFFEE”. And I think I may have been biased after that when I tasted it. I like to smell and taste the coffee. I like it to taste like COFFEE. I want the aroma throughout the house before I even get that first cup. This donut store blend was lacking the smell. Now, maybe I need to check out their other blends…..

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