Parent Shaming

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“I’d never punish my child “like that”. I’d never allow my child to eat candy. I wouldn’t allow my child to wear that. I can’t believe she let her teen die her hair purple.”

There may be extreme circumstances but, this blog is not about that. This blog is about Parents shaming other Parents for the choices they make for “their” children and then tossing them into BAD PARENT JAIL… FOREVER. Just because you wouldn’t do it or you were not taught/raised that way doesn’t mean you’re a better parent or the way you were raised was better then another person. It simply confirms the that:

EVERYONE’S CHILDHOOD IS DIFFERENT and that plays a role in how we raise our own children.

We all have DIFFERENT philosophies on parenting.

Our personalities play a role in parenting. We have different personalities.

Different life experiences play a role in parenting.


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I’m not sure because a parent let their child wear a Mohawk the parent is a bad parent or lacks good judgement simply because it’s something I’d never do. Do they have a good relationship with their child? Is the child loved and cared for? Fed? Doing well in school? Has morals and values? (those are subjective too based on many things including culture and religious views).

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I was only wondering, since there is no handbook to parenting, if we could be more supportive of other parents in general. Especially when they make mistakes. After all, there are no perfect parents… Not even you.


One thought on “Parent Shaming

  1. It’s true. No matter how much we follow our instincts, how much we listen to advice, how much we discipline or don’t discipline, our children are all going to end up face to face with a therapist some day. They will still harbor some anger over something that affected them deeply, a disappointment over a need that wasn’t met, or they will be totally ungrateful and leave us forgotten in a nursing home. Hopefully, the one thing they won’t ever forget is that we tried our best and loved them. You are right, parents need to support one another. We are all doing our best out of love, and we all fail at one point or another. Thanks for the reminder. Dawn

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