The Sisterhood of WOMANHOOD

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I don’t see how a woman can look at another woman  without making the connection we are all amazing creations (from God). When you see another woman whether she is what one deems to be on top of the world or whether she has the world on top of her, how do I as a woman not feel something. A connection to the pride as well as a connection to the suffering is what women share.

This sisterhood of womanhood is where we share the strengths and suffering, the love and the pain, highs and the lows. You see, we don’t need to look alike. We don’t need to be the same shape, the same race, the same career fields or in the same financial bracket. We just have to be women. We connect from country to country and exceed religion and culture because when you think about it, we have more in common than not. We are women and it’s more than body it is soul.

We go through more of the same things than we do not. We understand what it’s like to want our minds and bodies respected and to not have ANYONE tell us what to do with it. It is OURS. And we can understand this even if that woman is on the other side of the globe, with a different religion, in a different culture. We want the same respect and honor for our hard work whether I’m Caucasian or Chinese. We love our children and want the best for them. We want them to be treated fairly in North America and in Africa. We want to be represented in the many different industries whether I’m a black fashion designer or a fashion designer from Indonesia. You get it? It’s the sisterhood of womanhood. From the painting of toes to the painting of war paint on our face if need be. It’s a bond that should transcends our comfort zone.


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