October’s Lessons

I share my lessons in hopes that it will help someone else along the journey.

  • Ugh, Nikki. Listen to your intuition. Again. Listen to your intuition.
  • I didn’t make the right decision. “Make the next best decision.”- Oprah Winfrey
  • Oil and water can mix…when you shake it violently. This is not a recommended blend for IMPORTANT areas in relationships. Hence, the whole equally yoked thingy (superseding you both must be Christian concept).
  • The lack of preparation and organization are detrimental to your business and your finance. Do not have to learn this lesson again.
  • Just say no as many times as you need to family drama and church drama. I did good in this area.
  • A person can block your pipeline of flow and ease. You may think they are blessing you by giving you things or doing things for you but, when they bring you an equal dose of unhappiness and havoc it’s not worth it. Once they’re gone, more water can get through. A river but, not if you have to remove “dams” every day.
  • R.O.E Rest Over Everything