Five Things About 42 Before 43


  1. It was legendary because I stretched out my faith, moved beyond my fears, and took leaps
  2. Some wounds by those closest to you can change the dynamics of the relationship forever even after you have forgiven them
  3. Not my circus. Not my monkey. Liberation.
  4. I don’t need anyone to sign off on my relationship with God. No one gets to decide if I am a REAL CHRISTIAN. Liberation
  5. I don’t need to be believed or understood. I don’t need to explain. I am who I am. I be who I be. Liberation.


My 42 Journey was about Liberation and Legendary Actions

Sunday Morning Coffee Musing: Jesus Walks



Looking through the lenses of a pastor’s child, you see the ends and outs of ministry. As a child I remember going, sometimes being dragged here, there and everywhere with my parents and the church. It was like a vagabond experience when I was young, you know, wherever I laid my head on a pew was my pillow for that service! We were visiting different churches, he was doing revivals, in and out of town, there were evening programs, there were conventions and congresses to attend. I remember it and I grew to understand it. I grew to respect it. I grew to enjoy many of these things as I started to participate and comprehend these things.

As I see some in ministry, even the ministry of helps, running themselves raggedy in the name of Jesus, I see worn out human beings running on Jesus Juice and Holy Ghost Caffeine. Some are stretched and stressed. Some are broken. Some can’t be still because to be still means you are not doing anything and well, that’s sort of kind of the point. Some, when they are still, there is no “peace” in their peace be still.  Their minds are like a broken wind up toy…still going. And some can’t be still because they are trying to prove themselves worthy and move on up the ladder of ministry. They can’t say no to “whatever” others in ministry ask them to do and they certainly can’t say no their leaders, because well, they may lose their position or it’s like saying no to God himself! (dangerous territory). Oh the guilt and shame of being…tired. The shame of growing old and saying: “Here, let someone younger take the wheel” before the wheels fall off. The reluctance of some leaders to designate roles to their disciples. I don’t think Jesus set the table, prepared the food, washed dishes, made the campfire, pitched the tent, etc. just because he could if he wanted to. I mean what was the point of having a crew if you were going to do all the work. And could you imagine one of them telling Jesus “I have been cooking every night. I am tired. Get Peter to do it.” No, you can’t. I can. It probably would have been me. I don’t think I would have been fired either. I think Jesus would have understood.

Side note: I think Jesus was the kind of leader that could read his disciples. I think a good leader would never abuse the willingness of his staff to serve.

Jesus walks. His steps were ordered. I don’t read of him frantic about everywhere he went. It’s almost as if his directions were calculated, orchestrated, and obligated. I do believe he also had some leadway as to where he went and wanted to go. Why? Because I don’t believe God is into micromanaging us.  And even in all of that, he rested and went on a sabbatical. He went to sleep on a ship. We think he stayed up the entire time he was here on the planet. We think he did those things we read back to back to back to back…one chapter after the other.  There was time and space in between those things.

Jesus walks.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musing:Death by Routine: Leadership


Routines are good. They create stability. Routines get you going and give you a certain flow to your day. Have you every noticed how some lose it when that routine is interrupted? It’s rarely a pleasant surprise. But, when it is, we certainly appreciate it.

In some worship places, there are rituals and routines. In your life their are rituals and routines. It’s not so much the rituals that become an issue in either one of these places, but it is not discerning when you have turned a routine into a ritual. Some marriages suffer because of routine. Some friendships suffer because of routine. Some work environments suffer because of routine. Some churches die…because of routines.

I’ve seen churches pray for a revival so that souls can be saved when it’s their hearts that need to be revived. They pray for a revival to light their fire and put the fire out the next Sunday. “That was good!” they say. “But did it create a change in you?” I think. Even leadership suffers from the syndrome of routine. “This is the way we have been doing it and we shall continue…even if we notice membership has dropped over 65%, we will continue to blame sin and the world. We will refuse to self reflect and say are we doing something wrong? Do we need to make some changes? What do the people need from us, vs what do we need from the people.” Trust me when I tell you after sitting under 3 different leaders, I can tell you the attitude of the leader makes the biggest difference in a church. Like priest, like people  is one of the truest statements in the Bible and can be applied to leaders of the world. Just look at America now. Just look at the leader on your job or look at yourself if you are a leader. Your people reflect your thinking. They reflect your attitude.

On the job, I have seen leaders with a vision, but they have not been able to communicate to the people effectively how to execute the vision. And so it fails or it goes awry and by some stroke of luck, it comes together. Same in church. If a leader has a vision and only shares it, but gives no way instructions, or unclear instructions, either nothing happens or chaos happens. And telling a pastor, he or she needs improvement is a very difficult thing. They have egos. They are hearing from God. They are the leaders. You are the sheep. But, there are leaders in the midst of the sheep. There are ideas and solutions in the midst of the sheep.

He or She who has an ear, let them hear.