2022 A “6” Energy

This is the year of a 6 energy. What can we expect from a 6 energy? The number 6 is about several things and I’d like to start by talking about one of the Biblical concepts that it is the number of man (man was created on the 6th day). The 6 energy is about WORK and personal RESPONSIBILITY. This is not the time to be distracted, side tracked, or to be pussy footing around. If you want it, go get it. Work for it. Put in work. This is your time to give it all you’ve got. Man has to work by the sweat of his or her brow and this is sweat equity time. NOTE: That can come in any form.

You can expect to REBUILD in 2022 on top of the foundation laid in 2021. Because of what we have been through, you may want to include rebuilding with reinforcements. If you are thinking business, entrepreneurship, influencer, you may want to think big and be ready to WORK and take RESPONSIBILITY for doing the research and implementing the necessary steps to get it done. THIS IS AN ACTION ORIENTED YEAR. The ACTION coming from YOU and that will create a ripple effect so be careful what you put out there.

I am happy to report the 6 energy is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and Repairing or Strengthening Relationships. Relationships of all kinds will play a vital role this year in your life. Pay attention to the lessons you learn. Some will shape you, push you forward, and change you for the better (no matter what it may seem like at the time). Just don’t let anything distract you from your dreams and goals this year. It may have been all about you the past few years but, this year it’s about you and others. Play well with others. Disconnect from some and love at a distance and “with the love of the Lord” with others.

Make people feel loved and appreciated. Encourage as many people as you can. Show up when you can. Make phone calls. Send a thank you text with some detail (Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to xyz). Let it be known that you value your employees, friends, family, coworkers, strangers. “I appreciate everything that you do for me. I am so glad to have you as my cousin.” Lend a hand and donate to charity. Cook a meal for someone. Send flowers or fresh fruit. (ACTION).

6 is about FAMILY. Oh…family dynamics. You must deal with it. Once and for all and get on with it. If they want to hold on to it let them. You let go and remember, love from a distance if need be. Move around it. On the flip, strengthen those family bonds that you do have. Quality time with loved ones and friends are in order.

You will meet NEW PEOPLE IF you want to that can have an interest in what you are doing or that may have connections for you. This is why I say once again, pay attention to the people that cross your path. But also pay attention to the classes or opportunities that come your way this year. Maybe there is someone at that event or in that class you can make a meaningful connection with. Yes, these events can be online as well. God works in mysterious ZOOM ways, too. I’d highly recommend being INTENTIONAL about where you go and whom you spend your time with this year.

This year is going to balance out. There is going to be some wobbling on the scales because that is how scales are in the natural. (First the natural and then the spiritual). You don’t just sit things on a scale and it doesn’t move back and forth. It has to find its equilibrium. You will have to find your footing several times this year. This year is about EQUILIBRIUM. So, while you are putting in WORK put in as much effort in the PLAY arena. Seek balance. Seek peace.

Speaking of peace, UNITY is in order. If there is any way possible, be the peacemaker, the peacekeeper. Be all about unity this year. WE NEED IT in our country and all across the world. Do it in small ways or big ways. Remember, change starts with you. There’s a heavy pressure in the “community area” of our lives for unity that moves beyond your gated community or neighborhood.

Now, there are some downsides to this energy but, I think you can handle it. You still need and will always need…BOUNDARIES. In this “work hard, be compassionate” era you need to have boundaries in order to have balance, maintain sanity, and safety. Guard your heart (emotions/mind) because out of it flows the rivers of life (everything you do flows from it).

Watch yourself as to not become DOMINATE in your WORK, thoughts, ideas and ideals. Yes, you may be coming from a GOOD place but, everyone will not be ready or agree. You are not here to beat them over the head or to force your love or agenda. Some can become so determined that it becomes dominance and that leads to destroying things and people in your path to get what you want.

There are going to be some little things that you can’t let take over your thoughts this year. You can’t let the small snags hold you down. Rip and keep going or rest. But never give up.

There are going to be some BIG EARTH-SHAKING things going on in the world and possibly in our own personal worlds but, we have been through so much in the last two years, and in our lives (for those of us 30 and up I know), we will find our footing, stabilize, and move forward.

Some justice will be served this year. Some long-time coming things will happen. If you have sown some seeds several years ago there may be some harvest popping up. SEED, TIME, and HARVEST. Harvest comes every year. “As long as the earth endures, seedtime (seed, time) and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. -Genesis.

I wish you well this year. Protect your health. Eat better and rebuild your immune system with good, healthy food and exercise. Be blessed. Be well. Be good.