Summing Up My Election Mood


As I look around at the Americans that chose Trump, and the majority who voted for him , they only represent to me the voice of the same encounters many of us as minorities encounter on a regular basis. He represents the white male who suffers from the superiority complex, the one who lords his power over others, blames minorities for all their problems and the one who can say and do anything and still be patted on his back and promoted by his peers. Things a minority could never get away with as a Mexican or a white woman. Could you imagine a woman running for president with 3 different husbands and children from all three? And if she were married to a legal immigrant she would not stand a chance as a woman. He is everything many (I say many because I obviously can’t speak for all, I think this should be understood) of us as minorities dislike/some hate about America. He is also what many in the world don’t like/hate about America. And he is someone, I would never want a son of mines to look up.