X marks the Spot

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X marks the spot. The spot to the treasure or the spot where something needs to be fixed. Either way, digging has to take place to resolve the problem such as a broken pipe or line or if we are searching for treasure were have to dig one we find the X.
I’ve seen X’s marked on sidewalks, streets and in the grass. I knew the utility people or the construction workers were coming back and the breaking of that concrete or ground would begin.

X marks the spot to  treasures within you and X marks the spot to places in you that need to be fixed or healed shall I say. We have to search and bring both of these things to the light. They both need exposure. Treasures to be used to heal others, to benefit the world and pain to be healed and benefit us by becoming wisdom in which we share to help heal others. Isn’t it something that both treasure and pain are both buried in dark places?



The Sisterhood of WOMANHOOD

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I don’t see how a woman can look at another woman  without making the connection we are all amazing creations (from God). When you see another woman whether she is what one deems to be on top of the world or whether she has the world on top of her, how do I as a woman not feel something. A connection to the pride as well as a connection to the suffering is what women share.

This sisterhood of womanhood is where we share the strengths and suffering, the love and the pain, highs and the lows. You see, we don’t need to look alike. We don’t need to be the same shape, the same race, the same career fields or in the same financial bracket. We just have to be women. We connect from country to country and exceed religion and culture because when you think about it, we have more in common than not. We are women and it’s more than body it is soul.

We go through more of the same things than we do not. We understand what it’s like to want our minds and bodies respected and to not have ANYONE tell us what to do with it. It is OURS. And we can understand this even if that woman is on the other side of the globe, with a different religion, in a different culture. We want the same respect and honor for our hard work whether I’m Caucasian or Chinese. We love our children and want the best for them. We want them to be treated fairly in North America and in Africa. We want to be represented in the many different industries whether I’m a black fashion designer or a fashion designer from Indonesia. You get it? It’s the sisterhood of womanhood. From the painting of toes to the painting of war paint on our face if need be. It’s a bond that should transcends our comfort zone.


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Voice Activate Your Life


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I’ve got news for you! Did you know technology is behind when it comes to Voice Activation? You’re life has been Voice Activated since… Well, all your life. You think. You speak. You do or You feel. Our words can activate our lives into the life we want or don’t want. What we CONTINUALLY speak can change our thoughts and moods and actions.

Sometimes voice activation in the world we live in is sketchy. The computer doesn’t always understand what we are saying. How annoying is that! (I hear you swearing and I see you hanging up trying to get a human being on the phone!!!)

In this life when you’re trying to live and have the best life possible there will be times you will have to voice activate your moods, dreams, goals. You’ll have to speak it out loud. CONTINUALLY UNTIL IT TAKES ROOT!

In trying times Voice Activation is very powerful:

“I can do this”

“I’m going to be better than okay”

“I’ll get through this”

“This is NOT the end of the world”

“Get it together”

We have to Voice Activate our thoughts sometimes:

“I am enough”

“I am strong”

“I am loved”

“I love myself”

“My BODY deserves healthier food and regular exercise”

We have to Voice Activate our circumstances, relationships and goals:

“I will not be anyone’s doormat”

“There is a better job or career opportunity available for me”

“You’re not going to talk to me like that”

“No. I don’t want to spend $10 a day on lunch. I’m saving.”

“Yes. I do deserve happiness.”

I don’t think Voice Activation works without using your voice. Try it the next time you call to pay a bill over the phone and see if they can read your thoughts!

Your thoughts are powerful but so is your VOICE. You have one. Use it for good. Use it to correct yourself. Use it to activate goodness into your life and wellbeing to your heart mind and soul! Voice activate your life today! Also known as talking to yourself! 😀 (ha!)

I’d like to write a different version of this for those of us living with a chronic illness and chronic pain.



Bryan Hehir’s “Seamless Garment” Unravels _ Bryan Hehir Exposed

Uh oh 😞. This can’t be good. You know the outcome of this type of situation because you’ve done it and seen it before. You pull the string and there it goes. You put it in the washer or dryer and when you open the door it it’s no more but shreds of what it use to be. Or what about that fine garment that you can just pull the thread and watch it go from a scarf or skirt to this amazingly long piece of very fine threading. Poof!!! Vanished!!!

Holding it together when everything is falling apart _ an extended ___

Whenever I think of something unraveling I think of nothing salvageable being left. You may as well toss it and get a new one or say your farewell. Maybe both.

I give the years 2010 until 2015 for me the ominous title THE UNRAVELING. I imagine it in big red scary creepy Steven Spielberg letters. You’re afraid to open the book!!! It’s the years I’ve been dealt the most blows, seen the most valleys, cried the most tears, lost quite a bit, and mostly spent in darkness catching glimpses of light. Anguish and hell. It’s the unraveling of everything you once knew and once were. The familiar is gone. It’s a how did I get here, let me count the ways moment. It’s a “Wait. No. I wasn’t ready.” The sudden death of your life as you know it. Yes. The unraveling is fast but seems to go on forever and you can’t stop it. And you know when it gets to the end there will be nothing left that you can make sense out of. You’ll have the memory of what it use to be and the scars to prove it existed.

As I look at the heap of life I once knew, I know it’s gone. So now what do I do? I say to God. Now what? In the natural we replace it if it’s a necessity or we really like it. And it may not be the exact same one but, we learn to love it or like it. Sometimes we say”I’ll purchase a better one this time and make sure I take care of it.” Heck it may even come with an extra pocket or hood or fancier stitch.

So the Universe speaks. Hold it right there. I’ll get you a NEW ONE. I’m sorry your old life got ripped to shreds in the unraveling but it was time. (you frown) Listen says the Universe, I’ve got to make this NEW LIFE for you but I need your input and cooperation. Work with me. Let’s make it the best NEW LIFE ever! Dream it up! Find your new pleasures, scrap the good from the old going forth with lessons learned as the new pattern. We’ll weave it all in. Oh oh I know. You’ll have your moments threading a NEW LIFE but cry your way through. Shout your way through it. Just keep sewing sewing sewing (Universe sings in Dori voice from Finding Nemo) and before you know it you’ll start to smile more. You’ll step back and see things are coming along. It’s going to be fabulous. It’s going to be rich with love and opportunities to improve. To live up to your highest potential.

So as scary as the unraveling is… You will be given NEW LIFE and this time you’ll remember working with the Creator to create it. Hmmm… It’s all coming back to me. Now lets get back to making this pattern…let’s see. Where did I put that lesson on self love…oh here it is! Right in front of me!!!


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Thoughts that Count

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Thoughts that Count:

Hello? Hey! I was just thinking about you.

Hey. I called to check on you. How’s it been going?

I was at the market and they had your favorite flowers. Here. For you. Just because.

I’m cooking your favorite meal.

Stopped by your favorite place and picked up your favorite dessert.

I’ll cook tonight.

I’ll get the dishes.

I’ve been praying for you.

I bought you a souvenir from my trip.

I made you coffee.

I made you tea.

Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.

Foot rub. Put ’em up here.

I ran your bath 🛀 water.


One of my brothers (I have 4 and 1 sister), was out with a friend of his and purchased me some Shea Butter because he knows I like natural products. He also brings me honey from the Honey Guy on his job. 100% natural. Straight from the bees.

Thoughts do count. They count as kind acts deposited in the heart’s account and a withdrawal at anytime can be made at anytime from the memory bank.




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I’m more attracted to spirituality. It’s quiet. It’s not alot of pressure to do EVERYTHING RIGHT OR LOTS OF RULES AND REGULATIONS OR RITUALS. It’s more self reflective than finding the short comings and faults of others. Less positions and more elevation. Less judgement and more understanding.

In spirituality you’re learning, growing, evolving. You understand you don’t have to convince anyone that you’re a light. You don’t have to convince them to become a light. You just shine. If they say I’m a candle or fire or the sun or the moon or stars you say okay. Cool.

Spirituality asks it doesn’t demand, command, threaten or use any scare tactics. All of those things to me, are so unspiritual. So ungodly. It doesn’t say think like me, believe like me, do like me…me me me… I’d rather just be be be in the presence of God, the Divine Creator of the Universe.


Purple “REIGN”

Purple Flowers_ Free Scrapbook Alphabet Letters in JPG _ PNG

I find it to be the coordination of the Universe as to why I didn’t blog early this morning with my letter R. I had no idea what to write but, as I heard the news hours ago my beloved “Prince” Roger Nelson has elevated to a higher dimension. My favorite Gemini ♊ on the planet.

You had to have some level of consciousness and uniqueness about yourself to be able to identify with him. Fans usually identify with something about the one they are FANATIC about. Otherwise, you simply like the artist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

There are musicians, singers, entertainers and artists. Rarely do you get those things all in one person. I think Prince was that. He had a wonderful habit of DOING HIS OWN THING and MINDING HIS BUSINESS. He’s a musical and lyrical genius. I’m still trying to decipher Starfish & Coffee (one of my favorite songs). He could vividly tell a story while singing. He didn’t care what they said about him or hope he dressed and the crazier the better…a little give them something to talk about. It’s called being true to yourself. It’s called wild and rebellious and then you grow up but you keep your uniqueness. You never part with your creativity. There was no formula he needed to make a hit. He did his own thing while many were doing the same thing. How do you keep up with the times, never change but change and be ahead of your time? It’s what ICONS do. It’s what makes them icons.


the pieces don t fit but prince attempts to sell each and every one of ___


It’s the confidence that comes effortlessly when you forget about who you’re programmed to be and just be. He was of small statute but mind-bogglingly gifted as an artist. He did rock and roll, rhythm and blues, pop, funk, hip hop, soul, and filtered in some gospel. He was like a gumbo. He even gave us sounds we didn’t know what to do with except accept it as a token of his love for what he came here to do.

I like that he never felt the NEED or the pressure to explain himself. He only talked when he wanted to, to who he wanted to talk to and when he felt some sort of injustice needed to be verbally addressed. He didn’t go back and forth with other artists that I know of. He was very private. So many artist should have taken and should take a page out his book when it comes to media relations.

His music is so much apart of my LIFE SOUNDTRACK and memories I was certainly not ready for this impromptu performance of departure. It was a quiet song. His departure to the next flight ✈ was undetected. Like he was. He always seem to come out of nowhere with great music and disappear.

He left us in his home, in the studio. In his studio. There’s peace ✌ when you can say goodbye in there mist of doing what you love 💜