Excerpts from my Coffee with God Time: I Don’t Fully Trust God

During my birthday month, March, I was led to spend 15 minutes of silence in the morning for 18 days. I could read or just listen or talk with God. I must say it was challenging the first few days because I didn’t know what exactly I was supposed to be doing or learning. I pray in the mornings when I wake up and give thanks. I now see this was more of a concentrated, intentional, consecrated time alone with God. It was meant to be a practice and habit forming. I poured coffee and sat there. I will share some of what I received.

It was brought to my attention on day 1 that I still have trust issues with God. I woke up that morning and I heard, “God cares about you.” So, I said it to myself, “God cares about me.” Say it 18 times for the next 18 days when you first wake up. This is when I got the rest of the instructions I mentioned above. I had my notebook of wisdom (this is where I jot down inspiration) and I sat in the chair by the window. This is what poured out:

“So many people think I don’t care about them but, I do. They blame me for the things they can’t control, things that happen to them. They blame me for things they can control. They blame me because they don’t understand life. There are ways to understand life that are simple.”

I wrote my response to this:

Sometimes when things happen to me or things don’t go the way I think they should, when I don’t have any help, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “No one cares about me.” I say this when I feel lonely, too. This “no one” includes God. I use to say God doesn’t care about me. I have had the thought that God doesn’t care and No one cares growing up into my young adulthood. I stopped saying that once I developed a relationship with God. However, when I presently think or say, “No one cares about me”, God is secretly included sometimes. As if God doesn’t know when I mean him/her, too. I knew this was why it was being presented to me. Although I don’t say it often, from time to time, I will say or think, NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME.

But how can God love me and not care about me? God is telling me; I believe exactly that and that is contradiction. There’s no conflict in God. There are no conflicting thoughts, feelings, or emotions.


God cares about me. It really doesn’t matter what happened to me, what is happening, what will happen, God cares about me. It doesn’t matter what’s in my bank account, if my dreams come true, if the love of my life shows up, if I don’t have any help sometimes, God cares about me. Heartaches and heartbreaks, God cares about me. It didn’t go my way or I am in excruciating pain and I have no one to call on, God cares about me. I have gotten through every low moment in my life. God cares about me.


Hello June 6 Energy

Photo by Nikki’s Confetti Life-Rooftop overlooking the Mighty Mississippi River

May was one helluva rollercoaster ride for many but now that you are on the ground plant your feet firmly. Stay grounded and rooted in the TRUTH and not your negative thoughts, doubtful thoughts, self-pity parties, or feelings that do not serve your higher good. May was a MASTER CLASS and I hope you learned and grew from it.

June’s SIX energy:

Bring your HIGH ENERGY and your HIGHER SELF to the GAME OF LIFE. It’s time to UPLIFT, GATHER, and HAVE FUN. It’s time for the SHEDDING OF LIGHT in this darkness. Receive so healing and give some healing. Also, accept people for who they are and where they are in life in this present moment. Accept where you are and who you are. Maya Angelo said, “When people show you who they are, believe them!”

Now when you take the 6 energy of this month and add it to the 6 energy of this year you get 12. When you break the 12 down you get 3. We are working with a 3 energy as well this month.

The 3 energy:

This is a high energy for CREATIVITY. GET INTO IT. Express yourself on any level and with any medium you choose. Art? Blogging? Podcast? Speaking? Fashion? Spirituality? Let your voice and choice be heard.

On the flip: Balance. Don’t burn yourself out with all of this high energy and “doing” or “going”. On your to do list include NOTHING. Include rest. These energies can also cause you to be melodramatic. Don’t get pulled into drama and gossip. Don’t get caught up in seeking attention. Instead, love yourself. Accept yourself. Also, accept the fact that not everybody will not like you. It’s a fact of life.

MAKE TIME for the Creator. Make time to read something that will feed your soul. Make time to meditate.

This is the short of the energies for this month. Enjoy your JUNE!!!


Social Media Shut Down & Alone Time for Peace Preservation

Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing and too much of a bad thing can become an even worse thing. Scrolling social media or taking in news outlets for hours upon hours can impact your mental health and this can impact your peace of mind. One reason I believe I had such a crappy night of sleep was because I was surfing the web and social media before bed. I was in some pain late in the evening and after taking some medication, I decided to lay in bed and “relax”. Relax as in scroll and surf. I kept telling myself, it’s time to get off the phone but, I didn’t. I usually follow my routine and I am off the phone at least 30 minutes before bed and I have been thinking I need to extend this to an hour.

Did you know that scrolling social media or watching TV can cause you to:

Go to bed later

Sleep less

Sleep worse

I am proof that is what happened to me as I dreamed, tossed and turned all last night. It impacted my “peace of mind” this morning and I have struggled to ground and get my mood together. I can factor in a few more things that contributed to my crankiness this morning as you may have read in my Sunday Coffee Musings segment. Nevertheless, backing off of media before bed is a good idea.

When you are not in a good mood sometimes social media can help and when you are not in a good mood or place it can hurt. People who are struggling financially may feel worse after seeing people traveling, obtaining material things, and getting promotions. This doesn’t mean they are jealous it means they are human and while they are doing the best they can, they may feel they aren’t doing enough or will never be able to achieve those goals. This goes for relationships, friendships, and just life in general. I truly believe that we all need TIME AWAY from the media to detox.

It’s important to know how to be alone. We can connect with nature sitting on the porch or patio or at the park. It’s also important to know how to make meaningful connections with the people in your space without staring at your 55-inch TV screen or 5-inch phone. There is a peace that can come from being understood and understanding someone else. There is a peace that can come from hearing someone and being heard. Just like the peace or calmness that comes when you recenter and ground yourself with nature or peace and quietness.

I plan to do more social media shutdowns and spend less time “popping in social media” as I am waiting in line, in an office, or bored. I left my phone at home by accident last Sunday as I went to church. I doodled on my program but, it wasn’t a big deal to me. I get on my phone at the beginning of service, turn it on silence for the duration and usually only post if the speaker says something significant that “just can’t wait until later” (being sarcastic here because it can wait).

Peace preservation through cutting social media time and doing fasts or shutdowns will show you just how addicted you are to media outlets. If you miss a week, your world will not fall apart and neither will your blog, vlog, or podcast. However, the real concern is not losing followers or not getting likes. I have found as you come back on, your account and followers are resilient. You get back in the loop. Things resume. So, pause for peace of mind.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Cranky Pants

Several bad dreams and a nightmare last night kept me tossing and turning most of the night. I dreamed about being caught in some mass shooting with my daughter and that was the nightmare. I guess with all that is going on in the world and how I feel about it, this was unfortunately in my subconscious. As the night turned into morning, I had fewer terrifying dreams and more weird dreams I can’t recall.

My alarm went off and I physically just did not feel well. I decided to sleep another hour but then I got a phone call filled with confusion from my mother. I had to call my father back to figure out it was just her jumping the gun about something and trying to micromanage a situation that didn’t need her interference. Whoosah.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning weather wise and I want to improve my mood so I can enjoy the rest of the morning and day. I am going to a symphony in the park this evening. I need, per my Spirit, caffeine free coffee, cool water, and quietness this morning to help me physically. So, here I am sipping coffee, lightly iced water, quietness, and sharing. I feel the need to choose my breakfast wisely. Very little sugar. The TV is off. I decided not to go to service and I decided not to listen to it right now via internet. I will listen to it tomorrow morning. I’ll probably do some yoga to help further ground my spirit and body.

As I sit here typing, I think about how the first 18 years of my life were probably ruled with loud and chaotic mornings. I say probably because I don’t know about when I was an infant up until 5 or 6 but I definitely recall school mornings from elementary until high school being that way and every Sunday morning. Loud, chaotic, and stressful. I know this is why I like to start my mornings with ease. It wasn’t until my 30’s I started changing the pattern of getting up a little early to savor peace and quiet before my daughter got up and before heading off to work. It is why I can’t stand rushing. It creates the rattled, unsettling feeling and makes for an even more hectic drive with traffic. When I arrive at my destination, I don’t like having to “get my mood together” or having to switch from negative energy to fake positive energy. I saw that growing up, too. Instead, I tell you “My ride here was stressful. Give me a minute to settle down.” Or if asked, “Why are you so quiet this morning? Why aren’t you smiling?” I tell the truth. “I need a minute to settle down/in. Rough morning or night.” I feel better being as honest as possible without telling my business. I feel better not having to pretend. Some people let their morning dictate their morning and entire day. I was some people and occasionally I am still some people lol. But it was Steven Covey CDs, “The 9 Habits of Highly Effective People”, that helped me to understand my mood doesn’t have to dictate my weather (day) or how I treat people.


Protecting Your Peace of Mind through Journaling and Therapy

It’s funny that I am typing this right before bed and I have my journal out because I need to write in it tonight. I am also starting a new journal practice called Morning Journaling. It’s when you write whatever comes to mind in the morning. This can show you so much of what you are thinking about first thing in the morning. It could be something silly or it could be something heavy. Knowing this can help you navigate your day.

Journaling helps get what’s in your head and heart onto paper. Once it’s onto paper, it aids in relief of whatever you are feeling. It helps you to see things more clearly. It can help you process emotions and be an indicator of inappropriate thoughts and feelings. You can also audio journal by using your recorder on your phone. Once it’s recorded you can play it back and hear what you are thinking and process what you are thinking. It’s up to you to keep it or erase it.

I think journaling helps our peace of mind. Especially, when you have so much on your mind. Clearing your mind is a huge help in fostering peace of mind. Sometimes before bed I am overwhelmed or anxious thinking about what I need to do the next day. Writing a list before bed helps me to worry less. If it pops in my head, I tell myself, “You wrote that down. Relax.”

Therapy helps protect our peace of mind. Yes, it does because therapy helps us to see patterns, interrupt those patterns, and even assist us in developing new patterns of thinking. Therapy can help us see where our thinking goes off the rails and help us to understand why and how to keep it on track. It can help us to make connections with how we think and our past or present, family environment, or if it’s based on trauma. I know this from personal experience and I am a huge supporter of therapy. Your mental health matters.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Becoming A Peacemaker

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

We wish for the world to be a place of peace but, are we remotely peaceful within or individually peaceful beings in our own worlds? I mean, are you peaceful in your own homes and on the job? I am sure you are peaceful at your place of worship but, what about out and about like, say, the grocery store or the mall parking lot? Are you spreading and fostering peace wherever you go? Reflect on it.

I would like you to consider becoming a peacemaker. One that creates peace. A peacemaker must commit to becoming a peacemaker. You first need to SEEK PEACE WITHIN. If you are not PEACEFUL within, you will not be PEACEFUL without.

Creating peace involves reconciliation with you and others. It involves, with intuition and guidance from a higher power, helping others reconcile. It involves sticking to the truth. Not conspiracy theories and which person you like the best or your political party. To the peacemaker, the truth matters.

Maybe you thought being a peacemaker was being humble or a rug that people can walk over. No, a peacemaker speaks up with love for themselves and for others when prompted and moved by Spirit or intuition or injustice. A peacemaker is not a person that avoids conflict or confrontation to keep the peace or to appease a bully. No, that is not being a peacemaker. That is being PASSIVE.

As the week rolls on, look at the many opportunities in your life to create peace. Also, if you are not peaceful within, maybe seek ways to begin the journey of peace within. Where to start? Start with an honest look at why you are not peaceful within. Try it without blaming a person and perhaps focus more on what choices you are making and what you are allowing. Perhaps searching for self-help books or a therapist can help you uncover the truth. Also, if you are religious, tap your faith for scriptures on peace and go into meditation. There are so many ways to heal, I am sure one is for you.


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” Matthew 5:9

Mental Health and Healthy Eating for a PEACE OF MIND

I have to admit that when I have too much sugar in my diet, I feel terrible. When I don’t eat enough carbs, I feel terrible. When my insulin level rises, I can’t think straight and when it is too low, I can’t think straight. I feel grouchy. Whether you are diabetic or not, the body needs balance. A fatty, sugary diet doesn’t help your body or your mind. A diet lacking in nutrition or protein doesn’t help your body, brain, organs or mind.

What we eat doesn’t just affect our physical health: it can also affect our mental health and wellbeing. Eating well – which means having a balanced diet full of vegetables and nutrients – can improve your sense of wellbeing and your mood. -mentalhealth.org/uk

When you stick to a diet of healthy food, you’re setting yourself up for fewer mood fluctuations, an overall happier outlook and an improved ability to focus, Dr. Cora says. Studies have even found that healthy diets can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. -aetna.com

When I am in a depressive state or dealing with exhaustion, water helps me tremendously. What I take into my physical body helps me tremendously. I am tempted to eat sugary foods and salty foods. More so salty when I am feeling anxious and sweet when I am feeling depressed. These types of foods only bring me a temporary feeling of satisfaction. Below is an explanation from aetna.com

Here’s how it works: Your GI tract is home to billions of bacteria that influence the production of neurotransmitters, chemical substances that constantly carry messages from the gut to the brain. (Dopamine and serotonin are two common examples.)

Eating healthy food promotes the growth of “good” bacteria, which in turn positively affects neurotransmitter production. A steady diet of junk food, on the other hand, can cause inflammation that hampers production. When neurotransmitter production is in good shape, your brain receives these positive messages loud and clear, and your emotions reflect it. But when production goes awry, so might your mood.

Sugar, in particular, is considered a major culprit of inflammation, plus it feeds “bad” bacteria in the GI tract. Ironically, it can also cause a temporary spike in “feel good” neurotransmitters, like dopamine. That isn’t good for you either, says Rachel Brown, co-founder of The Wellness Project, a consultancy that works with corporations to promote good health among employees. The result is a fleeting sugar rush that is followed shortly thereafter by a crash “that’s terrible for your mood,” she says.

When you stick to a diet of healthy food, you’re setting yourself up for fewer mood fluctuations, an overall happier outlook and an improved ability to focus, Dr. Cora says. Studies have even found that healthy diets can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Unhealthy diets have been linked to an increased risk of dementia or stroke.

To read more and to be better informed so that you can make better choices, here is the link https://www.aetna.com/health-guide/food-affects-mental-health.html


Mind Body Exercise Connection

As soon as confusion or anger arises your mind becomes cloudy. When you FEEL frustration and disappointment, you have trouble thinking or concentrating. There is no escaping the fact that there is a mind and body connection. Exercise can help you to CLEAR your mind and when you have a CLEAR mind you have clarity. You can think straight. You can gather the correct response and you can receive solutions to your issues. So, literally take a hike!

How does it work?

Part of the reason exercise enhances cognition has to do with blood flow. Research shows that when we exercise, blood pressure and blood flow increase everywhere in the body, including the brain. More blood means more energy and oxygen, which makes our brain perform better. – scientificamerican.com

Exercise can help provide: Sharper memory and thinking. The same endorphins that make you feel better also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand. Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline. -helpguide.org

Before you “pop off” or go off go for a walk. Do some yoga. Pump some iron. Go for a swim. Jog. Wog (walk and jog combo). Taekwondo. Zumba. Go to kick boxing class. You get the picture ❤


Scriptures for Peace of Mind

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. John 14:27

And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace,
Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 14:2

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. John 16:33

They will be like a tree planted by the water
    that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
    its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
    and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. 2 Thessalonians 3:16

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:16

 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13