Poetry Confetti: Untitled


The heart wants

The heart needs

The brain taunts

Action proceeds

I’m getting nowhere and I am getting there fast

Nothing comes easy and when he does it doesn’t last

It’s an endless cycle. I hardly can cope

Letting go feels like giving up hope

As I struggle with how to keep hope on a respirator

The light in my heart is being supported by a generator

Love wails

Romance sails

Off into the distance

Against the tears of resistance

~Nikki 3/19/2017



Just Keep Writing/Creating/Dreaming


As a writer and an author, if I were to be honest with you (which I choose to do because why not?), being a babe in this industry can be frustrating, confusing, challenging, discouraging, and frightening. Literally, for those of us who are starving artists and care more about the art than being fed at times, until you hear the growl in your belly or notice the negative sign in your bank account. We work, we hustle, we do whatever we can to produce the best work possible. Many of us don’t have big bank accounts to match our big dreams. At least, not yet. However, we will save, we will sell, we will do whatever it takes to see the pieces of works manifest.

I have two novels I need edited. I have learned the hard way, the hard headed way, I cannot edit my own books. So as I vet our editors, I also vet out pricing. In average I need about $350 per book for the editorial services I desire. I do some soft editing, writers organization and consulting, book formations (manuscripting) and etc. for a heavily discounted price. I’m like the blue collar consultant (lol). Right now my two novels are on soft release on amazon. Before I go full fledge promotion, I want them to be the best they can be grammatically. I have received amazing feedback and I know I have the gift.

I wanted to encourage some writers, artists, creators today because I had that tiny feeling that “things are not going my way as easily as I had planned! Not as quickly as I want them to!” When deep down inside you know this is like the artist “right of passage.” Your initiation into the creative world.




Leaving the Masquerade©2016

beautiful couple in dark room

Leave the masquerade

Your’re not getting paid

But you are spending your time

In a place that is unkind

Everyone is different

But we all look the same

It’s all fun and games

Until it is simply a game

And when the mask is off

You discover

Few are with you

Not even your  lover

What’s more frightening? Here is the truth

You were in a place pretending to not be you


There is nothing more detrimental to your creativity or existence than not being able to be free to express your full and total being. If you find yourself in a masquerade of people where you can’t tell who is who and you are surrounded by confusion, it’s time to leave the masquerade. You see masquerades are fun for a night but, not for a lifetime. -Nicole Jackson ©2016



soul Scattered



Soul Scattered ©2016 by Nikki aka F.Y.E

When the soul breaks it shatters into infinite pieces

You see the heart can be mended but the soul has to me recreated

I felt the burdens weigh me down

I saw the tears form an ocean on the ground

More on me than I could bare

And now I am broken.

Hopeless never was my destination

Yet it pulled on my mind like a magnet

I wonder why I was made like this

In a world of oxygen I still find myself breathless

I’d cry if it didn’t make me look as weak as I feel

I’d tell you all about it but my sadness will make you ill


I hold on. They tell me I will survive

I search endlessly for a way to thrive

My heart is unearthed

While waiting on my soul to be re-birthed




Lesson. By Nikki



Lesson. By Nikki aka F.Y.E ©2014
Bury your heart deep in me
I will keep it safe with me
She may have loved you
But she never loved you
She was thinking of him
Never thinking of you
I can’t pay for another woman’s
I can’t pay for your pain
But if the student is ready
I can teach you how to love



Kissing Fire



His Lips to impress meets the press
Of my lips
Getting wasted on an embrace his arms around my hips
Heart beats in Morris code It was everything I wonderfully feared
In the heat of the moment our hearts were forever seared