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Kim K the Human Being


I know you have heard in recent news that Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, tied up, and locked in the bathroom. The media is now saying the robbers probably tracked her movements as she documented them on social media or perhaps it was an inside job.

Let’s first get something clear: I am one of the few that may be neutral when it come to Kim K. I don’t love or hate her or the Kardashians. Honestly, I am pretty neutral about most people in general. And maybe there are some people I just don’t like because of their behavior or character or personality. You know, some people just rub you the wrong way and well you have to deal with. But, that does not mean I dislike them enough to not care or rejoice if something terrible happens to them or to not help them if I could. Trust me, if we are all in a tragedy, no one is deciding who to rescue based on wealth, race, sexual preference or religion. I hope not.

Some were saying the robbery was a publicity stunt. I understand why they would say this because when you and I do mean anyone, do things to get attention from the media, people tend to think everything that you say and do is for attention. They can’t decipher the difference. Positive or negative. Perhaps that is a lesson we all can learn from.

After, it was found to be true, some were like so what. Who cares. That is what she gets. And now it is being said she posted her jewelry and whereabouts on social media, people are saying it’s her fault. She shouldn’t have done that.

Here is my perspective: If you strip away her wealth, her beauty, her name, her designer clothes and she was just a woman married to a black guy with two children would you think those things? Perhaps, the only thing you would have thought was she should not have posted her every move or jewelry, money. And even in that truth, it doesn’t give evil the right to take what she has. In a sense, if a candy shop advertises candy, it doesn’t give a thief the right to steal it. Gee, they should have put that candy away. Many times people that are in your own neighborhood or will come to you neighborhood looking to do harm. I don’t have 1% of Kim’s wealth…wait, .5% of her wealth, and my home was broken into twice and I felt fear, anger, sadness and it took away my peace of mind for a very long time. I thought to myself, thank God my daughter and I were not there. My child had to sleep in my room for almost a month. Every time I heard a noise I got up. I dreamed about someone breaking it over and over. When I moved to the new place I was still afraid. The second time my home was invaded, I knew for sure that it was a neighbor.

I don’t ever want to be robbed with a gun to my head, begging for my life, tied up and left in a bathroom, closet, field, wherever. I can feel fear rising in me at just the thought of never seeing my daughter and family again. So, I say all of this to say, you haven’t reached the spiritual maturity to see a human being more like you in that sense and separate what they do, their wealth or lack of, their political preferences, gender, sex, race etc…from that. Fear is fear no matter who is experiencing. Wealth doesn’t make you fearless. A scary experience or life threatening experience is not less scary or life threatening if your last name is Kennedy or Doe.Wealthy tears aren’t less salty than a man on the street who has lost everything tears. I don’t wish anyone to have to learn a lesson in such a way their life is put in danger.



Hostile Work Environment


Monday Work Force: One thing I know for sure, a hostile work environment is not something you are suppose to endure for a long period of time. It will make you stronger but, it can also harden your heart and make you bitter. It can disturb your health. It has to change (even if you have to be the positive change) or you have to move. I remember working at a very large and prestigious computer repair company and I had a manager who didn’t like me from day one because he said I thought I could do whatever I wanted to do. You see, he didn’t understand my favor. I told him “You will be moved before I will. Trust me. I have seen God move folks that didn’t like me that were trying to disturb my peace.” Sure enough he was moved. However, I have seen God move me from a hostile environment because it affected my health. I knew I had to go because my peace of mind was everything. And even on that job my coworkers and I endured some hostile people. We formed a circle and prayed and they were removed plus we were given the wisdom and strength to deal with it until they were removed. I don’t put up with hostile environments period on the job. I came to work, enjoy my coworkers, make money and go home. I certainly don’t put up with it at home. And if I have to be in one I get in there, do what I came/come to do and go home.



Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: To Be Continued


Continue to do good. Continue to treat people right. It’s not about scoring points with God or being a saint or being a martyr. It’s about increasing your spiritual growth. -Nicole Jackson

If you can uplift your negative, I can uplift my positive. If you can exercise your pettiness, I can exercise my grace and mercy. If you can spread your hate, I can spread my love. If you can harbor bitterness, I can set free forgiveness. If you can hinder, I can help. If you can judge and jury, I can understand. -Nicole Jackson

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When Givers Receive


I’d rather give than receive may be my truth and yes it is a noble thing to be a giver but, what about it being just as honorable to be a receiver? I enjoy being the blessing to others. It makes my heart happy and my soul feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. However, when someone wants to do something for me I say “Oh, that’s okay” or “No, no, I will pay for it.” Could it be I am not allowing them to have the same feelings I have when I give? And could I be saying to the Universe, “No. I don’t want the harvest I have sown.” This is a law in the earth. So, I have learned to receive with these thoughts in mind.

I was reminded of this when I went on a walk at the park last month on an unusually cool summer morning. An old man with his walker was coming towards the bench as I got out of my car and headed towards the track. He sat down and I started to walk. As I got halfway the track, my sciatic nerve begin to ache and I turned around because I was not sure it was a good idea to keep going.

As I came back up towards his way, people were passing by saying good morning. He reached in his bag as I got near and as I slightly had passed he said “Here” and I turned around. He handed me a small fruit. It took him a moment to get the next sentence out, “This may help you.” I said “Why thank you! Thank you so much.” I headed to my car and I saw him handed another walker a tangerine.

On your journey, as some were meeting their goals, or accomplishing what they came to do at the park that day, I was turning around because I had some difficulty. We all received some “help” along the way. Dear Giver, it’s okay to receive some help. I bet he had a happy heart and a warm fuzzy soul that day.



Do You Want to Get Married?


Yesterday, a guy asked me if I wanted to get married (not as in a proposal ha!) I said “I don’t know and I know that is strange coming from a woman,but maybe not. Most of the time I do but, today I am not sure.”

I remember when my answer to this question was a certainty. A resounding “Yes!” And then in my late 20’s to my 30’s I think it was more of saying yes to this question, trying to convince myself that I still did want to get married. I mean what woman wouldn’t want to? (You don’t have to answer that because I do know not every woman wants to be married) As I reflected on my answer last night and this morning I logged onto Facebook and began to scroll my timeline. Someone had posted the 8 a.m. service of my church so I clicked the play button.

He talked about remembering, visions, dreams, and revelation. I remembered the dream I had at the beginning of the year where I was attending my niece’s wedding (she is already married), and a very good friend was there whom I trust more than most. Well in this dream my niece had on a lavender robe (her favorite color is purple/lavender) but, everything  involving the wedding was pink. A soft pink. The bridesmaid dresses were pink and I had one on. The flowers were a mixture of pinks. I held up some lingerie which was a gift to her and I said “What are you going to do with this?” And we both laughed and laughed. When I went out to the living area, it was if we were in a suite, my friend was there in a suit. He said “Someday, you are going to make a beautiful bride.” And then I woke up.

I researched the color pink down to the shades. I found that the color I was wearing and that mostly dominated the dream was symbolic of hope. I immediately got the message “Keep hope alive. Never let your hope of being married wither.” You keep hope alive by actively choosing faith. Hope and faith, like many other things are connected in the spiritual realm of this world and our lives. If you lose hope, faith can waver or dissipates over time. If you lose faith, hope wavers or dissipates over time. However you spin it, they belong together.

I accessed my feelings in relation to the question asked. How have you been feeling lately Nikki about relationships and dating? I have been feeling doubtful, frustrated, impatient. This is why I answered, “I don’t know.” My pastor reminded me that vision and dreams are connected and you needed to remember what God, (or your source-that’s me talking to you), has promised you. Also, God will give a revelation, instructions, on how to go about making the dream manifest. You just do as the instructions come or as the instructions say. This could be about anything. For me, at that moment is was about the marriage. It was about me remembering the many dreams I have had about love, relationships, and marriage. It was about connecting my vision of what love looks like and what love means to me, to dreams I’ve been given and following the instructions (like blocking a number of some crazy guy I met) or hearing the voice of the Spirit say “This guy still has feelings for his ex. Keep your heart to yourself.”….so you see, revelation must be followed. Do you want to get married? Yes. Yes I do.


Leaving the Masquerade©2016

beautiful couple in dark room

Leave the masquerade

Your’re not getting paid

But you are spending your time

In a place that is unkind

Everyone is different

But we all look the same

It’s all fun and games

Until it is simply a game

And when the mask is off

You discover

Few are with you

Not even your  lover

What’s more frightening? Here is the truth

You were in a place pretending to not be you


There is nothing more detrimental to your creativity or existence than not being able to be free to express your full and total being. If you find yourself in a masquerade of people where you can’t tell who is who and you are surrounded by confusion, it’s time to leave the masquerade. You see masquerades are fun for a night but, not for a lifetime. -Nicole Jackson ©2016