About Nikki’s Confetti Life


A modern day Renaissance Woman. A Creative and Spiritual Being. Author of Fiction and Non-fiction. Writer. Fashion. Art. Music. Food. History. Travel. A bit of a philosopher I am told. Dreamer. Entrepreneur.

This blog is about the energies of life in which I liken mines to confetti. Different colors, sizes, shapes and types we gather together and throw into the air making it colorful and some how hypnotizes us as we watch it fall to the ground….then we do it again! Sometimes my energy is spiritual, material, comical, mundane, joyous, sad, anger or a mixed bag. It’s like confetti. Maybe I want to talk about beauty or my auroras and chi. Maybe I want to talk about my hair,my shoe addiction, the Holy Spirit, the environment or Buddha. I hope to leave you with life diamonds (inspiration, wisdom, love).

Deciding on a specific blog was too difficult for me because I am not just one thing. I am not a woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis only or natural hair only. I am not a single mother only or a writer and poet only. I can be a sage or a rebel whatever the moment calls for. I am many things many times of the day. In my world life is like a box of chocolates, a bowl of cherries or ice cream depending on the mood. I would like to think of life as this occasion we celebrate and when things fall to the ground we pick up the pieces or make new pieces and we celebrate again. You see the falling to the ground are our low points and the gathering is healing and the celebration is…you guessed it tossing it back up and getting on with it. It’s hard not to celebrate with music, confetti, good food and good people. You are my good people!

Email me with questions @ ndj318days@gmail.com

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